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4 Clergy Dresses You Need in Your Wardrobe

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It is no secret that members of the clergy are required to wear specific garments and even colors that are dependent on a variety of circumstances, such as holidays, locations, and specific events.

The garment types also widely vary in usage and style, from clerical shirts to clergy surplices. For ladies, however, they have the added advantage of wearing one particular garment that male clergy members simply cannot: clergy dresses.

At Divinity Clergy Wear, they take all clerical products and their customers who wear them seriously. They are an industry leader in clergy wear, as their offerings are all carefully made for comfort and practicality. Their large selection of clergy wear is second to none, including their dresses for ladies.

Let’s take a look at just four stunning clergy dresses that Divinity Clergy Wear offers their clients in order to find the perfect dress (or dresses!) for you.

1.One-Piece Designer Clergy Dress
Whether you are preaching or simply going about your day-to-day life, you should be able to wear a dress that is of the finest quality, the highest level of comfort, and the most enamoring style. Fortunately, Divinity Clergy Wear has just that in their one-piece designer clerical dresses. They have both black designer dresses and purple designer dresses.

Regardless of the color, these dresses are made of high-quality Damascene fabric with elegant front buttons and a shiny, silky appearance. They also have full-cut fits with an A-line cut.

2.Black and Fuschia Preaching Robe Dress
Looking for something with an alluring color combination? Then their black and fuschia preaching robe dress might just be the perfect garment for you. With its two-tone pleated skirt and rhinestone front buttons, is it really any wonder why it might be so?

This particular dress is 52 inches in length and has a silky look. The flared bell sleeves are especially easy to love, and their embroidered crosses make them even more lovable.

3.Preaching Robe Dress with Cincture Sash
This particular preaching dress adds the unique fashionable element of a silky cincture sash that is perfectly paired with a floral broach. The preaching robe dress with cincture sash also comes in three magnificent yet practical colors: purple, white, and black. This particular dress also has flared bell sleeves, but also a bit higher of a collar.

Rhinestones seamlessly adorn this marvelous dress, as they are located in the front buttons and are used as detailing for the front trim. What is there not to love about this dress?

4.Preaching Robe Dress with Zipper-Front
If you are looking for a dress that is without a button-front but rather with something more functional instead, then you could opt for the preaching robe dress with a zipper-front. This dress comes in both black and royal blue to satisfy any preference.

This enamoring dress has flared bell sleeves and an inverted back pleat. Plus, much like the previous dress, this one also has a detailed rhinestone front trim.

No matter which of these four clergy dresses you choose to add to your wardrobe, you and even your congregation will be glad you did! There are plenty of other high-quality and highly-functional clerical garments at Divinity Clergy Wear. If you have any questions about them or their offerings, give them a call at 877-453-3535

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