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4 Common Myths About Cochlear Implant Batteries Debunked

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Cochlear implants have been around for decades. However, there are still many myths that need to be dispelled about the use of these amazing hearing aids. Today, we´ll take a look at myths that surround Cochlear implant batteries and see if we can dispel them once and for all.

Should I refrigerate my hearing batteries to extend their life?
This is a common “recommendation” we hear from people from all walks of life. We don’t know where this “life hack” stems from because there has never been any official study establishing the relationship between low temperatures and energy retention.

However, apart from this being completely false, it can also be counterproductive. Condensation produced by taking your cold battery out into a warmer environment, namely out of the fridge, will eventually corrode some of your battery´s components. If you have taken a close look into zinc-air Cochlear implant batteries, you would have noticed the small holes in the top that are very sensitive to moisture which can cause premature failure. Also, condensation microdroplets are extremely harmful to your hearing aid´s electronic components.

Should I lick my hearing Cochlear implant batteries before using them?
This “tip” is surprisingly very common. Many hearing aid users come asking this question or say they heard someone saying it. In the age of information, we find it difficult to believe people cannot find a reliable source on the effects of saliva and electronics.

To put this matter to rest we should say that no, licking your cochlear implant batteries is not a good idea. Again, moisture is an enemy of your zinc-air batteries for the reasons mentioned above. Plus, it is gross to lick objects.

All batteries are the same
This is also false. It might be tempting to buy discount batteries as they seem to be cheaper than trusted battery brands. However, batteries you find on the shelves of convenience stores tend to die out faster. This might happen for various reasons. Knock-off brands cut corners at the manufacture and quality control stages, so their products tend to be unreliable. It is common to find battery packs with units that give you diminishing energy output, so you end up having to restock more often.

One important aspect is freshness. Batteries have a limited lifespan and yield better results and reliability when they are fresh. Many of the batteries you see in stores have been sitting there for god knows how long, so they will yield uneven performance even when paying for premium batteries.

It is advisable to buy from professional and dedicated Cochlear implant batteries suppliers with a history of always fulfilling their customer´s expectations. That is the best way to guarantee you have high-quality and fresh batteries.

Should I Put Back The Sticker On My Cochlear Implant Battery?
Zinc-air button batteries come with small stickers that cover the small holes on top. These batteries are activated by air, so removing the sticker allows air into the unit so the chemical oxidizing process that generates energy inside the battery can take place. However, once this process starts, it cannot be reversed, so putting the sticker back does nothing to extend battery life. If you want to maximize your battery´s performance, experts recommend that you wait about five minutes after you remove the sticker from the battery before placing it into your hearing aids. This allows the battery to fully start the oxidizing process and have a full charge when you start using it.

The best way to preserve the power of your batteries is to keep them in their factory packaging. Always keep an extra set of batteries with you at all times so you never lose power at a bad time.

If you want to make sure you have fresh battery packs for your Cochlear hearing aid implant, visit www.localbattery.com today. They are a family-owned business that offers the best quality batteries and accessories for hearing aid equipment.

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