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4 Fun Types of Bachelorette Party Cups

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With the big day rolling around and all of the parties leading up to it along the way, you might be busy trying to gather all of the gifts, decorations, and supplies you need to make everything come together. Before we even get to the wedding, we need to take some time to plan out the bachelorette party so that it is completely ready for you and your bridal party to just relax and have some fun. Among the supplies you will need to get ahead of time are bachelorette party cups for everyone to use for the party. Having themed cups just for the occasion is a nice touch that makes it really feel like your party. With all of the options available, you just have to get around to choosing the right kind of bachelorette party cups. It all depends on the atmosphere you are trying to create and what everyone plans on drinking. Let’s take a look at a few types of cups together to see which ones you would like to pick out for all the girls in your bridal party.

Bridal Party Water Bottles
If you have a more sporty group of friends that is very health-conscious, you might want to look at some bridal themed water bottles. They can help encourage everyone to stay refreshed and keep them hydrated throughout the activities, especially if it is a summer event. Also, if your party does plan on enjoying some alcoholic beverages, these water bottles can act as a friendly reminder to tone it down when they need to and switch to energizing, refreshing drinks.

Champagne & Wine Glasses
Now doing a complete 180 from the previous option, we can look at some nice bachelorette party cups fit for wine, champagne, or mixed drinks. These are great for drinking mimosas in the afternoon or red wine in the evening. Durable plastic makes a great substitute for glass while everyone is drinking and enjoying themselves. The design along the sides of the cups, of course, reminds everyone of what they are drinking to, and what they are celebrating.

Plastic Party Cups
Plastic party cups are just a good go-to when you expect the party to get a little rambunctious. You do not have to worry about them breaking as all of your friends drink and dance the night away. If you expect the party to get a little wild, you might want to swap the champagne glasses for some of these plastic bachelorette party cups.

Coffee Cup Tumblers
All of the coffee lovers in your bridal party will have a reason to celebrate after seeing some wedding themed coffee cup tumblers. These can help keep everyone focused on the big day ahead with enough coffee to keep an army marching. Your bridal party can use their coffee cups to make sure they wake up on time for any events and stay awake all day.

You can shop for cute little supplies like these bachelorette party cups at now. They have lots of options for items to make your bachelorette party feel more personalized and fun. Pick up a few items here and there to hand out during your party and make sure that everyone is having a good time, no matter what drinks are pouring.

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