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4 Reasons to Switch to Loose Leaf Tea

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This message goes out to all the tea lovers out there and anyone interested in exploring different types of tea. If you drink most, if not all of your tea using tea bags, then right now is a great time to switch over and start using loose leaf tea. It is a great way for you to enjoy this universally loved beverage, with even more benefits than ordinary tea bags.

Full of Antioxidants
Tea is a fantastic drink, full of antioxidants that help support your overall wellbeing. Loose leaf tea is able to provide you with even more health benefits than bags of tea. The fact that loose leaf tea is able to retain its shape better means that it is also able to retain its nutrients better. Teabags still provide tea with these benefits, but just to a lesser degree because of how the tea leaves are processed. That is better for you as the consumer because you are getting the most out of your tea. Loose tea protects the integrity of the leaves and allows it to shine to its fullest potential, which means you get to drink the best quality of tea every time.

Fresher Quality
If you care about fresh, high-quality tea leaves, you definitely want to look at loose tea leaves first. Loose leaf tea is meant to be enjoyed fresh, so you get the best quality possible. It is packaged quickly and sent off to be consumed right away. Teabags, on the other hand, tend to be older than you think after sitting on shelves for who knows how long. Since loose leaf tea is meant to be consumed quickly, you can get a better experience drinking it and getting the full flavor of the tea. The larger surface area of the leaves allows for more natural oils and flavors to seep into the water and make it full of the light, fresh flavor that the tea has to offer. It is just a fresher experience compared to tea bags.

More Exciting Flavors
Unfortunately, the bags of tea you will find in most places are pretty limited in flavor options. You tend to see a few common flavors and nothing else, which is not a true representation of tea flavors. Tea leaves come in a wide variety of flavors from the sweetest fruit flavors, to the richest “spicier” flavors. What makes it even better is that tea leaf flavors can be merged and developed so that you can get more interesting, nuanced flavors like passion fruit peach. To truly enjoy the tea drinking experience, you want to open yourself up to the wide range of flavors tea has to offer. For exciting, delicious flavors like this, you only need to look at loose leaf teas.

Easy to Enjoy
People are normally drawn to bags of tea because of the convenience of it and assume that loose leaf tea would not be just as simple to enjoy. Drinking loose leaf tea is actually quite simple and easy to do at home. Just place the number of tea leaves you want into a tea infuser and dip that into your heated water. This also makes it easy for you to control the amount of flavor you want since you decide how many leaves you add. It is so easy to do, but still so rewarding in the end.

If you haven’t given loose leaf tea a chance yet, we highly recommend it. The experience is just unmatched and the difference in quality is noticeable. Just see for yourself. Look for some loose tea leaves in the most delicious flavors you can find and brew yourself a cup. The loose leaf tea at savannahbee.com is pretty incredible and the flavors they have are some real stand-outs. Pick some up along with a tea strainer from Savannah Bee and see what we mean. You will wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

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