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4 Things a Bigcommerce SEO Company Can Do For Your Business

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The smartest thing you can do to improve your SEO on BigCommerce is to hire a BigCommerce SEO company.

There is no one more competent to optimize your website than BigCommerce experts who understand the platform and are knowledgeable about digital marketing trends and strategies.

Establishing a business is hard enough without the challenges of figuring out how to market your products or services to bring in money to the company.

There are many ways an SEO expert can help your business, but let’s start with these 4 things that an SEO company can do to increase your profit.

1. Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website
While it’s true BigCommerce has built-in SEO features to help any business increase their web exposure and that you can optimize your website yourself by doing a few Google searches, an SEO company can offer custom solutions for your niche and your business.

SEO professionals that BigCommerce experts can do more than optimize your metadata or pepper your website pages with keywords here and there. There’s more to SEO than that.

A competent SEO company not only can perform a deep SEO audit, among others, to determine the direction your website and SEO campaigns should take but also take you there with organic traffic and improved ranking.

There are hundreds of factors that contribute to an improved organic search ranking and a qualified SEO company knows and will utilize them all to help you rank higher on search engines and increase the number of organic visitors to your BigCommerce website.

2. Improve Your On-Page SEO
You can drive organic traffic to your website without improving your on-page SEO. Savvy BigCommerce business owners, however, know that on-page optimization is important.

There are technical aspects of on-page SEO and constantly updating them is crucial if you want to compete in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Google, with its myriad of complex algorithms, is great at both understanding searchers’ real queries and delivering relevant results. In the past, stuffing your website with keywords is enough to rank, but not anymore. Google now has a more sophisticated system that filters and bans spammy and unscrupulous websites.

That said, adapting to algorithm changes is crucial to remaining visible on search results. A BigCommerce SEO expert can help ensure the elements of your website that are visible only to search engines as well as those visible to your every visitor are all optimized.

3. Utilize SEO Strategies to Build Your Brand
SEO is the fundamental component of any BigCommerce website’s success. SEO does not only improve user experience but also addresses the needs of your target customers while building your brand in the process.

An SEO expert can make holistic, interconnected campaigns that when put together create an effective SEO solution to help you grow your business.

Consistently driving sustainable traffic to your website, attracting new customers, and gaining leads are the ultimate goals of every SEO campaign, and having an SEO company on your side can help you with this.

4. Measure Your SEO Efforts and Adjust the Game Plan When Necessary
SEO analytics is just as important as applying SEO to your website. Analytics can help you figure out what’s working and not, what is driving traffic and what isn’t, what changes you should do to, and where you should put your effort and money.

An SEO company has all the right tools to measure your SEO efforts and make informed recommendations to improve the performance of your site.

Ready to Hire a BigCommerce SEO Company?
Whether you’re a first-time BigCommerce retailer or a seasoned veteran, Genius eCommerceⓇ is a BigCommerce SEO company that can help you start and grow your online business. Their team of experts will work with you to develop an effective online marketing plan and bring in qualified leads at the lowest cost. Get in touch with them today.

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