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5 Better-than-Good Reasons to Pick up an AR 15 Shell Catcher

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The function of an AR 15 shell catcher is simple. Made of some material (commonly heat resistant mesh which a wire frame holds rigid) a brass trap or catcher also typically mounts to a section of Pic rail along your MSR’s handguard and captures spent cases, preventing them from flying all over your shooting area. Some of them even have a zipper at the bottom, facilitating emptying.

Are there other, more exciting shooting accessories? Without a doubt – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add a brass catcher to your inventory.

1. As a courtesy to neighbors at the range
Honestly, just the fact that brass catchers capture the ejected brass and prevent hot, spent brass from being scattered all about your shooting area is a good reason to get one because it’s quite a courtesy to your neighbors at the range.

Everything to the right of your ejection port will be subject to a hail of fire otherwise; it’s just polite to use brass catchers in the company of other shooters when your own platform is an autoloader.

2. To fight the ammo crisis or fuel your reloading interest
Two more practical reasons for the price of one here. We are currently in the midst of a serious ammo crisis. If you can get ammo in the first place, don’t waste your spent brass. Either collect it and wait for a sunny day or reload now if you have the resources to do so.

3. Because you’re an environmentalist at heart
For those of you that hunt with your MSRs, the responsible thing to do is not to leave your spent brass in the bush. Just like responsible duck hunters pick up their shells, AR hunters should make reasonable moves to carry in and carry out. Good luck finding that spent brass in the bush if you don’t use a catcher.

4. To comply with range rules
There is also the highly pragmatic observation of the fact that some ranges and competitions flatly require the use of some brass catcher or device to corral your spent cases. If that’s the case, we consider it a good reason to invest in one.

5. Simply to save your back!
One more thing – even if your range doesn’t require brass catchers, it may require you to clean up spent brass. You can either spend a good fifteen minutes raking up old brass and then scooping it up, or you can get a brass catcher. The choice is yours.

Choose the Best in the Industry
While many AR 15 shell catchers do follow the mesh design laid out at the top of this article, the Brass Goat by Magwell Mounts features a design that is superior in every way. Made of extremely durable ABS resin, it is not only highly durable and resistant to heat, but easier to mount.

It is designed to attach to the lower receiver Magwells of mil-spec AR-15 rifles instead of to the rail space, keeping the rail free. It can be quickly attached, without the use of tools, is compatible with a variety of popular cartridges (see their website for specifics), and accepts a removable hopper that holds up to 30 rounds of spent .223.

To learn more about their superior design and how the Brass Goat can solve some additional problems commonly associated with other brass catchers, visit or contact Brass Goat today.

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