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5 Decorations to Adorn Your Antique Bedside Table

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Adding the most sublime pieces of furniture to your home creates an unequivocal positive feeling for almost anyone. The room and even your entire home can be pulled together and be made significantly more aesthetically pleasing with the simple addition of a chair, settee, sofa, or even floor mirror.

However, when you leave these pieces of furniture as they are, an overall feeling of incompletion or emptiness can occur. Guests still feel welcomed and invited to sit, relax, and be merry, but there can be a bland look to your room or home.

That is where decorations really come to your advantage. For example, don’t accent cushions or pillows really bring out the best for most settees and sofas? They may not be included with the purchase of these items, but adding them on your own can really be an outstanding and applaudable accessory to these pieces.

But, this is not only the case for the living room or sitting areas: this is true for the bedroom as well. Your bedroom should be cozy, warm, and elegant in all the right ways. That’s why adding decorations in the right places can really go a long way, and that even includes your antique bedside table.

What exactly are the best decorations to consider adding to your antique bedside table to drastically improve the aesthetics and warmth of your bedroom? Let’s look at just five great decorations right now.

1. Perfumed Candle
Why not add a quaint decoration that doubles as an aromatic feature? Adding a candle to nearly any surface created a unique look to any room, but this is especially true for the bedroom. But, you shouldn’t use just any candle; opt for a coconut-based candle. These types of candles burn longer, are safer to burn, and provide marvelous aromas to any space.

2. Lamp
One of the most classic additions to any bedside table is a lamp, so of course, it needed to be on this list as well. Adding a lamp to your antique table can further the elegant and chic look of your favorite bedroom furniture piece while simultaneously illuminating it and the room overall.

3. Book(s)
Having a book by your bedside is always a great option for not only encouraging you to read more often while in bed but also providing a unique look to your table and even bed. With the right book, especially one that has an antique look to its covers and spine, you can properly and efficiently adorn your bedside table.

4. Flowers
Adding flowers to any table, no matter the location or size, is always an excellent choice. Flowers provide an unparalleled pop of natural color and vibrance to any space while also assisting in purifying the air around them. They’re the most classic natural decorations of all time– and there is no real surprise as to why that is.

5. Tablecloth
Are you looking for something to add to your bedside table that affords it an elegant look while also protecting it from various types of harm? Then you should opt for draping a tablecloth over it.

The size and pattern depend on your specific preferences, but it should overall add a clean look to your antique table while also keeping it safe from unwanted objects, like dust, dirt, and even rings from condensed glasses.

Now that you are envisioning the perfect decorations for your future bedside table, you need the most elegant and eye-catching antique bedside table to get this look just right. Feel free to browse our numerous antique bedside tables and, if you ever have any questions, reach out to us by phone at (310)-876-0661. We can’t wait to help you achieve your in-home dreams.

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