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5 Exciting and Unique Mirror Paper Crafts

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Is there anything better than channeling your creative side and producing the perfect craft after hours or even days of hard work and focus? When you have the right supplies along with your creativity, anything you create will undoubtedly turn out to be beautiful.

We all know the classic materials and tools for crafts: paper, scissors, adhesives, glitter, stencils, stickers, pencils, markers… the list is endless, of course. However, one material that is not used enough when it comes to crafting has to be mirror paper.

This paper, which is often referred to as mirror cardstock, is a type of reflective cardstock that is versatile and complimentary to many projects.

When using this particular paper in the correct craft projects, the results can really be enamoring and exciting. Here are five useful and unique crafts that mirror paper could really help to enhance.

1.Celebratory Banners
We know that popular party stores already have those “Happy Birthday” and “Congratulations” banners available, but why not make these yourself with the added help of high-quality mirror cardstock?

Banners can be easily personalized by adding the person’s or people’s names you’re celebrating. You could add their favorite cartoon character, food, the number of their new age, and so much more.

Mirror cardstock will add extra pizazz and is the perfect material to use to create personalized and eye-catching celebratory banners.

There’s nothing like making a craft that captures your special memories and occasions with pops of color, textures, and letterings.

Mirror paper can spruce up your already stunning scrapbook page by adding depth, reflection and even more color, as these types of paper come in a wide range of exciting color options. Mirror cardstock can be used to enhance your scrapbook layouts and the special moments you want to remember forever.

Who doesn’t love a good collage?

Creating collages can assist in opening the mind and allowing its artist to splash their own personality onto a paper or poster board.

If you’re looking for the right accent to pull your collage together (as much as you can in a collage, anyway), then try strategically placing some mirror cardstock in there. It may even be a good idea to add an extra artistic element of “seeing yourself” holding the craft.

The possibilities are endless, but no matter how you use it, you won’t be sorry you included mirror cardstock!

4.Star Decorations
One classic paper craft is the dangling paper star, and mirror cardstock is a great medium to work with for creating them.

Tie one to a string and you will have a decorative and mesmerizing star decoration in no time.

In order to really make this star shine, try making it purely out of mirror cardstock. Make multiples of these and you could place them in any room or use them for specific holiday purposes. They will liven up any room they hang in!

5.Paper Flowers
Whether you are looking to create a bouquet of various paper flowers or just one, you can’t go wrong with utilizing some mirror cardstock paper. You could use it to create cacti, lilies, roses, or any flower your heart desires.

The addition of this paper could either add a shimmery accent to only some petals or leaves, or all of them!

No matter what you choose to do with your mirror paper, your crafts will come to life and you won’t be able to contain your pride and excitement when you see the final products.

If you are looking for the best mirror cardstock for your paper crafts, head over to and browse their mirror cardstock and other high-quality craft products to satisfy the creative within you.

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