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5 Reasons to Invest in Custom Magnetic Name Badges

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Why keep the same old badges you’ve always had when you can completely revitalize your whole company image and improve your customer experience with new name badges?
Make no mistake about it. Something seemingly insignificant like a set of new name badges can offer value to you, your customers and your business partners.

What about custom magnetic name badges? If you’ve never used them, you should give them a chance because they can offer you a few of the following benefits.

-Create a more memorable customer experience
For those employees of yours that are customer facing or interact with your business partners, providing name badges that are branded as thoroughly as the uniform will create a more memorable, more personable experience. It also gives employees a sense of pride in their work and creates a sense of belonging between them and your organization – all of which increases cohesion and collaboration.

-They enhance the value of your brand
There’s little debating over the value – the power – of a strong brand. Millions if not billions of dollars are spent each year for the purposes of brand management. A lot more can go into it, but every little step counts, and you can build a stronger, more memorable brand even with a move as simple as updating employee name tags. With a name badge that is cut, colored and aligned with your brand, you’re halfway there.

-They’re better for some uniforms
Magnetic name badges, custom or otherwise, are preferable for some uniforms. Since there’s no pin to damage the material, magnetic fasteners are better for uniforms made from fragile or delicate fabrics that are prone to tearing, or which would be damaged by a pin.

-There are no small parts to wear out or break
A common problem with name tags that require pin fasteners is that they have small parts that can bend or break. When this happens they need to be replaced entirely. The magnetic fasteners, such as those used by Imprint Plus, are made with powerful, rare earth magnets; they lack small parts that can fail and it is impossible for them to “wear out.”

-They’re better for employees with motor difficulties
Finally, magnetic fasteners may be preferable for some employees with motor difficulties, as manipulating small fasteners can prove difficult. With a magnetic fastener, all you do is place it in location on your uniform and the fastener does the rest – it’s quick and easy.

Find Out How Imprint Plus Can Help!
Check out the magnetic name tags available at Imprint Plus at In addition to customizing the name tags according to your brand vision, you’ll even be able to customize them with badge talkers and lapel pins – and if you prefer pin fasteners but are not sure about magnetic fasteners, they have them as well!

Visit their website at the link above and check them out on Facebook and Instagram if you need a little inspiration – and then call them at 800-563-2464 to get started designing your next set of custom magnetic name badges.

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