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5 Signs It’s Time for Home AC Repair

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It may be nearly winter – but that actually means it’s time for you to think about the health of your AC unit – before summer comes back around.

High time to repair or replace your air conditioner is before it becomes a problem. If you noticed any of these warning signs last summer, your next thought should be, “It’s time to find a home AC repair technician near me!”

1. Your home’s AC system is blowing hot or humid air
If your home air conditioner is low on refrigerant or there is a problem with the compressor, then the system will no longer run efficiently. One of the telltale signs is when your AC unit starts blowing warm or muggy air – which often happens before it stops working entirely.

Another red flag is humid air. One of the most important jobs your air conditioner has is to remove humidity from the air, improving air quality as well as comfort. If you notice your system blowing warm or humid air, it’s time for you to repair your air conditioner.

2. Little air is blowing from the vents
Another problem is when there simply isn’t enough air being expelled from the vents. This could indicate a problem with your compressor, fan motor, or even the ductwork itself – all things that an air conditioning service provider can help you diagnose before the issue snowballs.

3. You hear loud noises from the AC system or strange odors when it turns on
Loud noises and strange odors are also telltale signs that you need to find a professional for home AC repair near you. Strange sounds like banging, clicking, and squealing may indicate electrical issues or problems with your fan blade, motor, or belt.

Strange odors, such as a burning or a musty smell, can indicate electrical issues and mold contamination, respectively. These are some of the more common HVAC system issues that can be diagnosed with smell; there are others, and all of them require the assistance of an HVAC technician.

4. You’re noticing leaks around the system
If you notice moisture around your AC system, it may just be condensation, which is not necessarily a cause for concern. However, stained liquids or refrigerants can indicate a bigger problem. For one, some refrigerants are toxic; additionally, without refrigerant, the compressor and evaporator coils will fail to function properly.

5. Your electric bill is too high, or increasing
Finally, if you’ve noticed an upward trend in your electricity bills, it could indicate a flagging air conditioning system. AC units are rated to provide certain standards of energy-efficient operation; if they’re not meeting them, your system may be going end-of-life. The time to make a service call to an AC contractor for HVAC repair is before it’s too late!

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