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5 Simple Yet Great Ways to Organize Baby Bottles

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Congratulations on your newest family addition! You are undoubtedly feeling a ton of emotions right now, from excitement and fulfillment to apprehension and nervousness. There is a lot that you need to take into account when it comes to caring for your baby, and keeping track of all the little things can certainly feel overwhelming.

This is why we have compiled this easy-to-follow and helpful list of five organizational hacks, specifically for baby bottles. While you tackle other tasks that go into raising your baby, you can rest easy knowing that their bottles are ready to go when you (and your baby) are. Let’s dive right in!

1. Use Personalized Milk Bottle Labels
When you are placing your bottles in your refrigerator or getting them ready for daycare, you should make sure you have them all clearly labeled as to the date prepared, if it’s formula or breast milk, and other important notes. Using personalized baby bottle labels can really save you (and others who may be watching your baby) a lot of time and stress!

When looking for the most durable milk bottle labels, we recommend Sticky Monkey Labels! They have reusable, write-on baby bottle labels designed for all of the popular baby bottles currently on the market. Their labels are waterproof and baby bottles can be heated in bottle warmers without damaging the labels.

2. Put Bottles in Small Drawers in the Fridge
How often are you digging around in the refrigerator for minutes on end, looking for one thing in particular? This can of course happen with your baby’s bottles– but sometimes, time is of the essence and you can’t spare those few minutes.

That’s why you should put your bottles (with those convenient milk labels already on them, of course) in small bins in the fridge for easy access. You’ll always know where they are– and they won’t be blocked by a bottle of ketchup!

3. Keep a Baby Bottle Drying Rack Nearby
You’ll be washing your baby’s bottles quite often, so it’s important to keep a drying rack specifically for them nearby at all times. You can simply wash them, then leave them out to dry and never waste time trying to find a place to dry them again.

4. Store Them on an Over-the-Door Rack
You’ll undeniably accrue a lot of baby bottles as time progresses (if you haven’t already!). When you do, you need to store them all somewhere safe and easy to locate. We recommend using a rack that hangs over the door. Place this on the back of your pantry door and voila – easy baby bottle access that’s also conveniently out of the way!

5. Use a Rolling Plastic Cart
If you would rather keep all of your baby bottle needs in one convenient and portable place, then opt for a rolling plastic cart. In one of these, you can store your baby bottles, drying rack, milk bottle labels, bibs, and anything else that you see fit! Keep it in your pantry and roll it out whenever you need it.

For all your baby organizational needs, trust in Sticky Monkey Labels to get the job done right. This mom-operated company is one that dotes on the miracle of life and all that ties into it. Give them a call today at 1-888-780-7734 to get started on efficiently organizing your new-mom life!

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