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5 Unique Design Features for Your Luxury Custom Home

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Turning your vision of the perfect Calgary home into reality is a significant achievement – one that involves a lot of planning and utilization of every opportunity the right way.

In particular, when you wish to add luxury elements to your new house, you get it right by working with custom home builders Calgary during the design phase itself.

Compared to production homes, which use cookie-cutter designs, a custom home gives you the ultimate freedom of choice to bring forth your unique ideas.

Luxury Features That Improve the Comfort of Your Home

Below are the top five luxury custom home features to consider:

1.Open Floor Plans
Open-floor styles add a touch of elegance to houses of any size. Fewer walls or obstructions make the rooms look more spacious and breathable. You can also consider having high-vaulted and lighted-tray ceilings with accent lighting to evoke opulence.

Even in an oversized master bedroom suite, you can have separate sections for cozy private sitting or a morning room that offers a glorious view of the sunrise. Such aspects enhance the style as well as the functionality of your custom-built luxury home.

2.Spa Bathrooms
A bathroom is not merely a functional space for primal needs, but classy features can make you relaxed and rejuvenated. With oversized walk-in showers, lavish tubs, and pressure-controllable massaging jets, your custom home builders Calgary can create a private sanctuary in your home.

Other things that make your spa bathroom more graceful and soothing are heated floors, dual vanities, and ambient lighting systems. Typically, marble is the preferred material for flooring because of its water-resistant properties and classic appeal.

3.Exquisite Kitchens
No matter your home’s architectural style, the kitchen is where the family spends quality time together. Even when you are entertaining, your guests tend to be drawn to the kitchen. So, it has to be a warm and welcoming but practical space where wholesome conversations can happen.

One custom luxury kitchen trend that is popular worldwide is the minimalistic style with push-open cabinets, top-of-the-line materials, and energy-efficient appliances. A designer pantry and double islands make the kitchen expansive and streamlined.

4.Home Automation
Smart home systems provide integrated and programmable solutions that allow you to control the indoor environment. You can quickly execute simple commands like opening or closing the curtains, activating the alarm, or switching off the air conditioner in a single process.

Automating the entire home will add another level of security, convenience, and luxury. Using a control panel equipped with innovative technology like AI (Artificial Intelligence), you can monitor the property on your smartphone when you are away.

5.Outdoor Amenities
A beautiful house with a bland outdoor view would seem wanting, which is why planning the exteriors is crucial. Whether it is a screened-in porch to protect you from the elements or a fully-stocked outdoor kitchen with a cozy living area, incorporate the features that you can enjoy in the long run.

Pergolas, stone patios, swimming pools, and water features not only add to the aesthetic value but also represent your luxurious lifestyle. You get to spend more time in nature and show off your taste.

Learn More from Your Custom Home Builders Calgary
Are you interested to know more about custom homes or want to discuss your unique ideas? Call RareBuilt Homes, your custom home builders Calgary today!

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