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6 Thoughtful and Unique Art Museum Gifts

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Few people plan a trip to an art museum like the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston without making a quick foray into the gift shop. It’s just too tempting to see what sorts of cool mementoes and keepsakes and themed art museum gifts you can find there.

Plus, they make great souvenirs, which adds more allure to the experience. However, the next time you visit an art museum gift shop (whether you intend to shop for yourself or a special someone else) get something you can actually use!

Here are some thoughtful, unique, and practical gifts you can find in museum gift shops like the MFA in Boston.

If there’s someone in your life that appreciates art – on an academic, historic level – or has a particular affinity for a certain artist or school of art, then books are an amazing gift to indulge their passion.

For instance, the MFA in Boston offers a wide range of books, including examples of exhibition collections, highlights, spotlights, guides, and much more.

Gifts like exhibition collections are a great memento and also give others who may not have been present with you for the trip to get up close and personal with the unique displays at the museum.

Prints may not score high on uniqueness but they make excellent gifts nonetheless!

If you were particularly moved by a specific exhibit, bring the experience home with you in the form of a print and add it to your home or give it as a gift.

In addition to matted and framed prints, many art museums also offer high-quality posters and other themed gifts that give visitors the ability to “take a little of the art” home with them.

Art-Themed Stationery
Many museums offer art-themed stationery as gifts which gives visitors a great (not to mention relatively affordable) way to spread some of the love.

Consider getting a set of art-themed cards that you can use as thank yous, birthday cards, seasonal greeting cards and so much more – all with an artistic flair.

Many gift shops also offer magnets, notebooks, note cards, and unique gifts like journals, so you can put a personal touch on your note keeping or add a little artistic pleasantry to your home’s fridge!

Enamel Pin Jewelry
Love to take the art with you and show it off? Enamel pin jewelry is a unique and creative way to do so. Pins are typically an affordable and thoughtful gift that can memorialize your time spent perusing the great artistic creations of the world. Plus,many of them are symbolic or representative of famous works of art.

If you don’t want to dedicate the wall space to a large art print but you still want to take away a unique little memento of the experience, ornaments are a great way to do so.

Plus, they’re versatile. Lots of people may use them on Christmas trees but you don’t need to – you can hang them anywhere you want to add a little poise and distinction. They make great gifts, too!

Art-Themed Mugs
The great thing about art-themed mugs is that almost everyone uses a mug. Whether you’re a coffee or a tea person, you still probably have a preferred mug for your morning pick-me-up.

Just like everyone does – and art-themed mugs are a great way to add some class and personality to what would otherwise be a featureless piece of glazed pottery!

You Don’t Need to Visit in Person!
Did you forget to pick up some souvenirs during your trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston?

You don’t need to head all the way back to get them (although they’d love to see you again, we’re sure)!

The Art Museum Gift Shop is open 24/7 online. Check it out at the previous link and pick up that little something that’s been on your mind since you left!

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