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8 Nursing Home Items You Need to Label Right Now

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Whether you work in or have someone you know and love residing in a nursing home, you know full well just how often certain items can go missing or get mixed up with another residents’ things. It happens far too often, if you ask us!

In order to drastically reduce the likelihood of these items disappearing and getting mistook for another residents’ items, you can stick on highly-durable name labels! They are innocuous yet easily distinguishable for residents, family, and staff members.

You may be wondering which nursing home items should be labeled for drastically improved organization? Fortunately, we have the answer. Here are just eight nursing home items you need to label!

1. Clothing Items
When you use nursing home clothing labels on various clothing items, you are significantly increasing the chances that your resident will keep their clothing items safe. Jackets, shirts, mittens, scarves, pants, and even socks are the most likely items to disappear. Be sure to add these Nursing Home Clothing Labels to all their clothes, as they are laundry-safe, high-quality, and sturdy!

2. Bedding
Next up are their own personal quilts or lap blankets. Your resident may be tempted to tote these around the assisted living facility wherever they go or they could even just get them mixed up with their roommates’ or neighbors’. By adding labels to these precious items, they can keep their cozy and beloved bedding items close to home.

3. Electronics
It’s no secret that electronics are pricey, but for those smaller items, they can also easily be misplaced. By adding name labels to their electronics, you decrease the occurrences of lost electronics– and the purchases for replacements!

4. Water Bottles
Everyone needs to remain hydrated throughout the day so having a water bottle nearby is always a great idea. For your nursing home resident, this is especially the case– but they are also highly likely to leave them in various locations throughout the facility! Simply tack on a name label on their water bottle to know for sure whose is whose, even when it’s in the “lost and found” area!

5. Food Containers
When residents have their own leftovers, snacks, or meals in food containers, you want to ensure that someone else doesn’t indulge in them! This could cause allergic reactions– and leave the original resident hungry. Just stick on these dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe Meal Time Labels and you won’t have to worry about any of the above!

6. Toiletries
To disallow any mixups of shower and bathroom gear, you should absolutely label these, too. We are talking about shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, perfume bottles, deodorant, and so much more! This will keep these items in the right location and promote hygiene.

7. Shoes and Slippers
Residents in nursing homes typically have a collection of shoes and slippers, all serving them with various purposes. Whether they have sandals, sneakers, dance shoes, or fuzzy slippers, make sure that these are all properly labeled.

These Shoe Labels from Sticky Monkey Labels are perfect options as they are waterproof and highly durable, making them great for organizing and staying in place even when being washed!

8. Books and Other Personal Items
For those personal items that are especially important to your resident, like books, decorations, and others, we highly recommend adding labels to them to keep them in your resident’s possession. However, never opt for ones that are low-quality because these could leave residue behind when you take them off!

That’s why we can’t recommend Sticky Monkey Labels for personal items and any other nursing home items! They are exceptionally durable, high-quality, and feature stunning designs to match anyone’s preferences. Be sure to browse all of their premium and dependable name labels today, especially their nursing home clothing labels!

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