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9 Vital Items a BigCommerce Development Agency Can Help You Tackle Before the Year Is Out

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Every year, there are new trends that take eCommerce by storm. On top of those, there are still the basic “best practices” that eCommerce merchants should observe.

So, with no further pretense, here are some of the basic (and not-necessarily-so-basic) development items that a BigCommerce development agency can help you conquer, regardless of the industry you’re in.

1.Basic third-party plug-ins and integrations.
Not all development items require the creation of custom apps. Sometimes, the most basic integrations are actually the most essential development items for eCommerce businesses. While BigCommerce’s relatively open API makes many plugins easier, some are still more complex than others and require the expertise of a BigCommerce agency.

2.Identifying and removing bugs.
Bugs are the bane of user experience, and even when bugs don’t actually adversely affect the functionality of a website, they make the website seem less legitimate.

In other instances, bugs actually do cripple the functionality of a website, and they pretty much harm the appearance of a website no matter what.

Fortunately, most developers can dispatch them with relative ease.

3.Integrating security software/plug-ins and increasing security.
Sometimes all an eCommerce website needs to curry greater favor and earn credit amongst customers is to install a security certificate or plugin. Not all online business owners have the time or development skills to do so; development agencies do.

4.Mobile development.
Mobile development is not one “thing” but rather a moving target that ensures a website is appealing to mobile shoppers and easy to use.

If the majority of eCommerce sales aren’t already M-commerce sales, that will be happening soon. There’s no longer any excuse not to offer a mobile-optimized website and businesses that don’t will lose out on sales.

5.Creating/integrating chatbots.
Automation is becoming a big push in eCommerce and in retail and customer service in general.

Why, you might think, when traditional automation has harmed the customer experience, would the industry now be moving towards automation? Well, it’s because modern AI can make automation almost indistinguishable from real customer service agents – and AI is both more affordable and scalable.

Look to certain aspects of customer service automation as only the beginning of a broader trend of automation that will be sweeping the industry. Start by integrating a chatbot feature and see how much it frees you up to divert resources to more pressing tasks.

6.Expanding payment options and capabilities.
The more payment options an eCommerce website offers potential customers, the more likely it is for conversion rates to respond positively.

Accepting numerous credit cards may no longer be enough. Instead, eCommerce websites should consider developing “buy now pay later” (or BNPL) structures, or accepting Google or Amazon Pay in addition to other payment options.

7.Potential AR development.
One can’t simply point to “AR” as a thing that must be “developed,” but it can be stated with confidence that the more an eCommerce website can break down the traditional barriers and make it possible for the customer to experience its products or services in some way or other, the more likely it will be to offer a positive online shopping experience and conclude sales.

8.Minifying code/removing excess code.
Developers can tell the difference (often at a glance) between what code is necessary and what code isn’t. They can then remove the excess code from your website, but don’t you try that on your own. It’s a classic way to “break” something.

Also, removing excess code has practical benefits. It can make your site faster and it improves SEO, as well.

9.Custom app development.
Finally, one of the most important items a development company can perform for your online store is developing custom apps.

If it’s not currently available as a third-party app, and your BigCommerce store needs it, a web development company can help create a custom BigCommerce app for your website that offers the functionality and experience you need to attract and retain business.

Contact an Elite Certified BigCommerce Development Agency
While an experienced design and development company can tackle any of these items for most eCommerce stores, don’t roll the dice on success.

Choose a BigCommerce development agency with proven success, and a team of BigCommerce experts with years of experience offering development services for the BigCommerce platform.

1DigitalⓇ Agency has a team of BigCommerce design and development experts with nearly ten years of experience with the platform. They’re also Elite BigCommerce Certified and have tackled countless projects, including projects entailing custom app development.

Visit their website, 1DigitalAgency.com today, or contact their development experts directly at 888-982-8269.

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