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A Primer on Scooter Decks (and Making Upgrades)

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A scooter’s deck is one of the most important parts of its construction and has a significant impact on its viability for a given discipline. That is to say, quality, weight, height, width, and construction all affect a scooter deck’s suitability and handling.

For those of you interested in building a custom scooter from the ground up, or simply upgrading your current scooter, pay some attention to the scooter deck. It’s one of the most important aspects of scooter design.

Why Most Scooter Decks Are Made of Aluminum
While scooter decks have been made from steel, wood, and polymers, the majority of high-end pro, street, and trick scooter decks today are made from aluminum. Among the best of these are made from 6061-T6 aluminum which is highly regarded for its chemical stability, lightweight nature, and exceptional strength.

Aluminum is not only lighter than alternative materials like steel but just as strong, and in some instances, stronger. This balance of lightweight nature and strength makes it much easier for trick riders to manipulate their scooters to perform advanced tricks with greater control and less fatigue. At the same time, the structural integrity of aluminum enables scooters decks to withstand the stresses of riding, tricks, and impact without flagging.

The Importance of Scooter Deck Width and Height
Deck height, length, and width are also critical to scooter design. First, let’s take a look at height.

Height is the distance the deck will stand from the ground, given in inches. Scooter deck height is more impacted by the wheels than by the deck design itself, although all decks can only accept wheels up to a certain size and width.

Generally speaking, the lower the deck, the less knee fatigue the rider will experience. This makes lower decks more comfortable for commuters and street riders.

Deck length is its distance from front to rear, which is also usually given in inches. Generally, street riders tend to prefer longer decks because it gives them greater comfort when cruising over longer distances, and more space to rest their feet. That said, the shorter the deck length, the more maneuverable the scooter will be, so some trick riders prefer shorter decks.

Finally, there is deck width, which is the length across the deck of the scooter in inches. Wider decks add stability and comfort, and so are preferred by some street riders. However, width adds weight and detracts from maneuverability, so trick riders tend to prefer less width. More narrow decks are also easier to handle tricks like grinding and boardsliding.

Customize Your Scooter Deck
While the choice of a scooter deck itself will impact the weight and handling of your scooter, you can take a deck and customize it with add ons that will improve its handling and functionality.

● Scooter Deck Grip Tape: Deck grip tape is textured tape you can easily add to the surface of your scooter deck in order to improve your traction. It’s especially useful for trick scooters, but anyone can benefit from it – not to mention the fact that it’s available in a wide range of colors and patterns, so it can be used to add personality, too.

● Deck Spacers: Deck spacers cover the space between the deck and the wheel, keeping the wheel from shaking or oscillating back and forth and holding the axle firmly in place.

● Blunt Plates: Blunt plates help riders pull off stunts like sliding nose blunts, but they’re also available in a wide range of colors and patterns, so just like deck grip tape, they offer both form and function.

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