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A Quick Guide In Designing Your Nursery Without Breaking the Bank

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When you are in your eighth month of pregnancy which means you probably have thought of the best nursery theme and the furniture pieces that go along with it. While there is a charming and lovely attribute to the idea of designing a nursery, the functional job of creating a secure, cozy, splendid, peaceful room for a baby can feel somehow confounding. And with everyone talking about the trendy nursery designs, you are torn between style and cost-effective means to make your nursery look nice without breaking the bank. Be that as it may, there are a lot of ways in creating a harmonious personal space for you and your baby while maintaining a practical perspective fit for a new mom. Here’s a quick guide to help set things in motion.

Choose a Focal Item
Before anything else, search high and low for the best and affordable focal furniture piece. For nurseries, the most common item that sets things in place is the big three: the baby crib, changing table, and the chifferobe. This only applies if you have ample living space, otherwise, a baby crib and changing table set will work just fine so long as they come in the same design and quality. Having these focal items purchased before picking out wallpapers or white-washing the nursery walls would save you a lot of time with mind-boggling ideas on what color or theme to settle with.

Consider The Space
Not all new families are fortunate to have a large living space. In fact, most families living in the city would muddle along with tiny spaces, most of which do not really have the luxury of an extra room to be converted to a nursery. If you have a few extra square footage then you can probably add a double dresser for the baby’s essentials. That way, you won’t have to scour the bigger cabinet for stuff you most likely use frequently for the baby. However, if you do not have the extra square footage, you can always opt for a baby crib and changing table set with extra spacious drawers for the baby’s diaper changing essentials. What you should also consider is the price of each item. Buying a set would definitely save you a lot of money since they are more affordable than having to buy things separately.

Stay Neutral
Gone are the days when you keep everything in pink if it’s a girl and blue if it’s a boy. The latest trend on nursery themes revolves around neutral colors and gender-neutral items. This tip would serve a great purpose in case you’re planning on having a second child in a couple of years. This means you’re not going to waste money on buying a baby boy’s crib or a baby girl’s dresser since they are pretty much reusable no matter what gender your next child is going to have. Neutral walls and decors are also vital for the sleeping pattern of your baby.

If you’re looking for quality furniture pieces that are gender-neutral and equally beautiful, visit Kids N’ Cribs for a wide variety of options.

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