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About Federal Gold Medal Match Ammo

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You have your pick of premium, performance ammunition for long-range and competition shooting, so you can afford to be picky.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Federal’s Gold Medal Match ammo; maybe you’ve even shot it.

It’s definitely worth the price. Here are some things you should know about it.

Federal Gold Medal Match Ammo: Consistency and Performance

The first and most notable thing you need to know about Federal’s Gold Medal Match ammo is that it’s loaded with Sierra MatchKing boat-tail hollow-point bullets (BTHP).

If you look at a rifle bullet with a boat-tail design, you will see that it is tapered slightly and then squared off at the back.

This creates an exceptionally aerodynamic design that is not only more stable over greater distances but also resists wind deflection much more effectively than other bullet designs.

Federal Ammunition also loads Gold Medal ammunition to the strictest standards and tightest tolerances for consistency, reliability, and accuracy.

This can make a substantial difference to long-range competition shooters where the most seemingly insignificant variance gets magnified into MOA differences, which at 1,000 yards, is a big one.

Among the different Federal Gold Medal Match cartridges are .223 Remington, .224 Valkyrie, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 Remington, .308 Winchester, 7.62x51mm NATO, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Winchester Magnum, and .338 Lapua Magnum.

All Federal Gold Medal Match ammo is loaded using non-corrosive Boxer primers and high-quality, virgin brass cases that can be reloaded up to 7 times, improving economy for high-volume target shooters.

One thing to note about Federal Gold Medal Match ammo is that, while it is listed as hollow-point, it really should be called “open-tip,” ammo.

This is very different from traditional hollow-point ammunition, which is designed for controlled expansion, energy transfer, and to mitigate the risks of over penetration, making it suitable for hunting and defensive applications.

Instead, match-grade ammo is made with “open-tip” bullets that employ a precision, deep-drawn jacket with a lead core inserted from the front tip, resulting in an open-tip mouth. This process allows for better manufacturing control than is possible with traditional full-metal jacket bullets.

Consequently, open-tip match ammunition is designed for greater consistency and ballistic stability at great ranges, and not for hunting.

So despite the “hollow-point” in the name, save the MatchKing ammo for the range and the targets, and get a true hunting round with a conventional hollow-point or ballistic tip for chasing game.

Can’t Find Federal Gold Medal Match at the Shop? Get It at Bucking Horse Outpost

Federal Gold Medal Match may be some of the most accurate and consistent ammunition in the industry, but if you can’t find it at your local gun shop, don’t fret, just get it online.

Visit Bucking Horse Outpost via the previous link. They carry Federal Gold Medal Match ammo at competitive prices, along with a wide range of other match and target ammo for rifles and handguns.

Stock up today or at least bookmark their page so you can come back to it the next time you need to replenish the ammo cans.

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