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About MP5 Pistols (Common Questions Answered)

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Thinking seriously about shelling out some cash and getting an MP5 pistol for your collection? We rounded up some of the common questions about these platforms and dropped them here.

Is the MP5 Considered a Pistol?
The HK MP5 is considered a submachine gun (commonly referred to as a subgun or SMG), not specifically as a pistol, since it is not a handgun platform.

It does, however, have a pistol grip, can be fitted with a folding or collapsible stock, and is chambered in a pistol caliber cartridge, so there is some overlap there.

Can You Legally Buy an MP5 Pistol?
You can legally buy an HK MP5 pistol provided it is not illegal in your state. However, at the federal level, it will be considered an NFA weapon and will require special paperwork and a tax stamp.

Consult an FFL and firearm lawyer if you have additional questions. The process of buying one is different from purchasing a non-NFA firearm.

Is There a Civilian Version of the MP5?
HK produced the SP5, a semi-automatic variant of the MP5, to make it more accessible to civilians.

However, the MP5, like the SP5, is also in short supply over here and very expensive, so while there is a civilian version, that doesn’t mean it will be easy for you to get one or that it will be affordable.

Are There American-Made MP5 Submachine Guns?
There are American-made MP5 subguns that are patterned very closely after the MP5. One of the most popular of these is the Zenith Firearms ZF-5.

The ZF-5 captures all of the DNA of the MP5 down to the most minute details, from the roller-delayed blowback action to the fluted chamber that aids in extraction.

Plus, for stateside buyers, it is not only much more readily available, but it is also far more affordable than a genuine HK MP5 – and most shooters can’t believe how similar the two are.

Also, being made in America, it is also 922r part compliant.

What Is the Effective Range of an MP5?
Chambered in 9mm, the MP5’s effective range is much shorter than that of many other carbines with chamberings that can shoot spitzer bullets with a superior ballistic coefficient.

With that said, the effective range of an MP5 is probably somewhere around 200 yards.

Can You Put a Red Dot on an MP5 Pistol?
You can put a red dot on an MP5 pistol but how easily you can do it will depend on what’s already on the gun.

Some clones of the MP5, like the ZF-5, are compatible with Picatinny rail adapters that make it easy to mount accessories, like optics or red dot sights, without making any serious modifications to the gun.

What Gun Replaced the MP5?
Heckler & Koch designed the HK UMP in the 1990s to serve as a replacement for the MP5, but MP5 models were so popular and so widely used by special forces and law enforcement around the world that the UMP did not really succeed as an effective replacement.

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