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About Santa Cruz Shredders: Some of the Best Grinders on the Market

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We all have our habits and preferences. Some of us prefer to smoke out of glass, and others prefer the durability of metal.

Some prefer the smooth hits of a water pipe and just don’t like the harshness of smoking out of a hand pipe.

Some prefer to light their pipes with a lighter; some others prefer a hemp wick.

But I think something we can all agree on, for the most part, is that, if you smoke herbs, a grinder is a must-have smoking accessory.

Grinders help break down the coarser parts of dry herbs and create a more even consistency, ensuring a more complete burn and a more enjoyable smoking experience.

To that end, take a few minutes to read up here on Santa Cruz Shredders, some of the best grinders on the market right now.

Sizes and Configurations
Santa Cruz Shredders are available in 3 different configurations: they are made in 2, 3, and 4-piece configurations, in small, medium, and large sizes.

They are all made of anodized aluminum, are available in a variety of colors, and are available with either gloss or matte finishes.

Now for the good stuff.

Patented, Advanced Tooth Design
One of the cornerstones of Santa Cruz Shredders is their patented, advanced, new tooth design. These shredding teeth are CAD-designed for optimal performance, require less torque to get started, will never dull, form burrs, or release flakes of aluminum, and are designed to cut multiple ways, for greater efficiency, easier use, and more consistent results. They won’t smash or slice herbs; they “fluff to perfection.”

Why Anodized Aluminum?
Not only is anodized aluminum extremely durable (and aesthetically appealing) but it has a low coefficient of friction (good for the sliding parts of a grinder), withstands high temperatures and heavy use, and is fairly non-reactive, making it an excellent choice for a grinder. It won’t alter the flavor of or otherwise contaminate your herbs.

Knurled Grip: More Ergonomic, Easier to Use
Santa Cruz Shredders are expressly designed for medical customers and are designed with a knurled grip that is not only more comfortable to use but easier for those with arthritis or motor problems. The superior grip pattern diminishes the torque necessary to turn the grinder, eliminating the strain on users’ hands and wrists.

Improved Threading
Santa Cruz Shredders also feature improved threading that eliminates binding and seizing of the parts that screw together. The threads, being made from anodized aluminum, are also designed to reduce “galling” which occurs on sliding metal components. This further eliminates friction and makes it easier to assemble – and disassemble – these grinders.

Superior Screens
Santa Cruz Shredders feature T304 Micronic Precision Woven Non-Fraying Stainless Steel Screens. These screens are optimized with a finer mesh that keeps out impurities while allowing all the “good stuff” to filter through; they’re also secured by a system that pulls the screen taut in all directions before it is locked in place, preventing warping, twisting, and popping that can damage it over time.

Better Magnets
Santa Cruz Shredder grinders utilize Neodymium Diametrically Magnetized Cylindrical Rare Earth Magnets that are triple-layer coated with nickel and copper for durability and protection against corrosion. They are stronger, more reliable, and provide consistent, sure closure that protects against spills. They’re also guaranteed for life.

Visit This Smoke Shop in South Florida to Learn More
This only scratches the surface of what Santa Cruz Shredders offer. They also offer superior friction rings, are ultrasonically cleansed, and feature a design that is easier to clean – not to mention the fact that the same company produces trays, bowl busters, stash jars, J tubes, and a whole lot more.

If you’re in the area and want to get more familiar with what Santa Cruz Grinders are all about, visit The Hip Cat Smoke Shop’s Smoke Shop in South Florida. They carry a bunch of Santa Cruz Shredders and a whole lot of other cool stuff and you’re nearly certain to run into something cool and new you never even knew about.

Check out their website today ( or visit them at 1515 E. Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale the next time you’re in their area.

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