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All About Geomatics Land Surveying

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Geomatics is an integral concept used across industries and fields for varied purposes. Land surveying for land development is practically impossible without the intervention of methods and systems of geomatics land surveying. Professional land surveyors are required for accomplishing successful land development and construction projects.

Geomatics land surveying is also referred to as surveying engineering or geospatial science.

The current blog will talk at length about what geomatics is, its importance and usage across industries.

What Is Geomatics?
Geomatics refers to the discipline involving the collection, storage, analysis, and processing of geographic data or information. It is both an applied science and a professional discipline.

What Fields Make Use Of Geomatics?
Geomatics is widely and primarily used in the fields of surveying, remote sensing, mapping, photogrammetry, GIS, etc. It includes several methods, systems and technologies that are extensively put to use in diverse fields.

What Does A Geomatics Land Surveyor Do?
A geomatics land surveyor is involved in collating, modelling, analysing data and information for a particular location. He/She prepares data collection questionnaires, conducts field visits and desk works, collates information and data, carries out measurements, interprets land data, analyzes structures, features and amenities.

If the project needs to be surveyed, a roadway, bridge components, building,etc. Various technologies are used by the land surveyor to deliver accurate data and reports, make the surveying process time-reducing, and prove cost-effective.

Importance Of Geomatics
Geomatics is required whenever there is a need to collect large amounts of recused data. Accurate locations and dimensions are a necessary prerequisite for most land development projects. Many other fields such as cartography, disaster management, land boundaries, navigation, energy assessment, monitoring essentially require the use of geomatics.

Land surveying serves as a highly accurate, high-tech technology for land surveying. Through geomatics, your land surveyor will be able to assess whether the property you are about to buy is in a flood prone zone, or can be affected by earthquakes.

In addition, land titles, sales history, property boundaries, dimensions and measurements are all easily accessible to professional land surveyors.

Technologies Used In Geomatics Land Surveying
Geomatics land surveying uses various technologies, tools, equipment and machinery for its different processes. Determining the exact dimensions and measurements is crucial to the data collection process. This requires the active usage of advanced systems and technologies.

For instance, spatial analysis and visualisation stages require the integration of geometrical principles to the data/information. Spatial data is best managed using sophisticated technologies including Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, LiDAR or HDS scanning, etc.

CORE Geomatics – Advanced Geomatics Land Surveyor
A hubspot for all geomatics land surveying needs, CORE Geomatics has been a reputed brand name since 2009. Topographical surveys, mining surveys, energy surveys, site planning, and real property reports are some of the many land surveying services offered by our experienced team of professionals. Contact their adroit team equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment for advanced land surveying needs.

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