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All About the Eco-Badge

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Businesses around the country, and the world, are doing their part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize their carbon footprints, and cut back on the use of synthetics that are contributing to the plastic crisis.

Some initiatives have a greater impact than others, but every little bit counts. Companies like Imprint Plus, which have introduced unique entries into their product portfolios such as the Bamboo Badge and the Eco-Badge, along with other custom name tags, help to support these initiatives.

Introducing the Eco-Badge
The Eco-Badge is a lightweight, non-toxic plastic badge with a smooth finish that can be customized with edge-to-edge printing to improve your brand and enhance the customer experience and customer service.

It is available in multiple different sizes ranging from 2.68”x.62” to 2.125”x3.37” and in several different shapes, including square, rectangular and oval configurations. It is available with either pin fasteners or magnet fasteners, which may be better for those with motor sensitivities or compromises.

Benefits of the Eco-Badge
The Eco-Badge is a safe and sustainable solution to alternatives made from less friendly plastics and synthetics. It is made from HDPE, or high-density polyethylene, which is more stable than most other plastics and is recyclable as well (see below for environmental considerations).

The Eco-Badge is also an attractive, all-in-one solution to personalized name tags. They can be personalized in a number of ways; you can write on them with a permanent marker, but they also support edge-to-edge UV printing that enables them to be customized with a logo, name, and title.

Not only can the Eco-Badge be customized with bold, bright printing, but the process Imprint Plus follows uses a UV-additive that improves the durability of these badges and makes them ideal for outdoor exposure as well.

Consequently, they are very durable name personalizable name tags that are long-lasting and reusable. They are impact-resistant, impressively strong, lightweight, resistant to bacterial growth, and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Also, since the badge can be customized with nothing more than a marker (or with a label maker) they can not only be customized but used over and over again.

And, while they are moisture-resistant and resistant to most chemicals and solvents, HDPE, from which these high-quality name tags are made, is 100% recyclable, which will help keep more plastics from entering landfills and waterways.

Is HDPE Environmentally Friendly?
HDPE, or high-density polyethylene, is a relatively dense thermoplastic polymer that is highly stable and typically is produced, at least partially, from recycled materials. HDPE itself is also 100% recyclable.

It is commonly used to produce consumer goods such as milk jugs and plastic bags, for which purposes it is suitable because it is more stable than many other plastics and because polyethylene does not release toxic fumes into the environment, making it safer than many other commercially available substitutes, like PVC, or polyvinyl chloride.

HDPE requires relatively few resources and very little energy to produce (since it is often recycled), making it even more environmentally friendly, and when it is time to replace it, it can be recycled, further contributing to its sustainability.

Learn More About the Eco-Badge and Other Custom Name Tags and Badges at
Ready to learn more about the Eco-Badge or the other sustainable, custom name tags and badges produced by Imprint Plus?

They carry a wide range of customizable name badges, tags, and other professional products that can help your business improve branding and diminish its environmental impact.

Visit their website,, or get in touch with them directly for more information at 800-563-2464.

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