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All You Need to Know About Personal and Advertising Injury

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While drawing out a business liability insurance plan in Calgary, you should make sure that your coverage includes personal and advertising injury. It is a part of the coverage in business liability insurance which protects the financial interests of business owners and companies. In this article, we will talk about what personal and advertising injury entails in a business insurance coverage:

What is personal and advertising injury?
Personal and advertising injury refers to an infringing an individual or a business’s intellectual or personal rights. This can include many different aspects like slander, copyright infringement, and libel. It involves different sections of harm under which business owner’s policies and general liability insurance provide coverage. Let’s look at both parts in detail:

Personal injury
Personal injury refers to detention, imprisonment, or even false arrest. Malicious prosecution is a part of this category. Lastly, wrongful eviction is also a part of personal injury.

Advertising injury
On the other hand, advertising injury refers to costs incurred due to infringement on someone else’s slogans, intellectual property, or copyrights. It can also make you deal with slander or libel.

What are the types of personal injuries covered by the insurance?
When it comes to your business liability insurance plan in Calgary, these particular injuries will come under this coverage. If you commit any of the following personal injury offenses, you will have your policy covering you.

– False arrest

– Detention

– Imprisonment

– Depriving someone of their right to liberty

– Malicious prosecution

– Wrongful eviction

– Hazardous entry

All of these issues can put you under pressure and incur unforeseen costs for the business owner.

What are the types of advertising injuries covered in this insurance?
When it comes to a business liability insurance plan in Calgary, there are multiple types of advertising injuries that you may find yourself stuck dealing with. The types of advertising injuries covered in the advertising category include:

● Slander or libel by a person or a company: You can offend or defame someone by either speech or writing or through defamation (by pictures). You can do so by making false statements. Professional liability insurance would cover the risk for many different professions. It is ideal for professionals like media and advertising, publishers, lawyers, amongst others.

● Using another company’s advertising theme without their permission: You take a competitor’s content and repurpose it as your content. This can cause you a lot of legal implications, and this coverage will cover the cost of dealing with these.

● A person’s right to privacy violated: You make written or oral statements that misappropriate someone’s likeness or name. Additionally, you intrude on anyone’s right to privacy or solitude, disclosing private facts.

In today’s world and age, when advertising is one of the most important aspects of a marketing strategy, any company can put you through the advertising injuries mentioned above.

Key takeaways:
When it comes to your business insurance plan in Calgary, personal and advertising injury costs can cover the expenses of legal fees, judgment or settlement costs, or other kinds of court expenses, such as witness fees. While checking how much advertising and personal protection you have, ensure you are looking at the right limit. Choose the best insurance brokers in Calgary to give you an advise about the kind of business insurance you need.

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