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An Argument for Changing Your Seatpost Clamp

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One of the more intuitive aspects of bike and unicycle-riding is adjusting the saddle height by loosening the seatpost clamp and adjusting the seat tube up and down. For some models, it’s easy to do and allows riders to make quick and easy adjustments in the field for comfort.

Not all seatpost clamps can be easily adjusted in the field, though. So, for instance, if your bike or unicycle came with a bolted or double bolted seatpost clamp, and you share your ride or find that you need to make frequent tweaks for comfort, changing out the clamp might be in your best interest.

Why Change the Seatpost Clamp?
Swapping the seatpost clamp will give you the potential ability to make a quick adjustment to saddle height in the field. This can potentially be a bonus if you ride at different times of year (therefore, wearing lighter or heavier clothing) or share your ride with other riders.

However, bolted and double bolted seatpost clamps, though they afford a tight, secure grip on the seatpost, are not at all easy to adjust in the field. Actually, they require special tools to tighten and loosen them.

You could carry these, and some special unicycle tools have more than one application, but at the same time, it might just be better for you to change out your current seatpost clamp with a quick-adjust model.

Switching your seatpost clamp to a quick-adjust model gives you the ability to adjust the saddle height wherever you are without the need for tools. Simply open the quick-release seatpost clamp, adjust the seat tube, clamp it back down, and you’re good to go.

What Are Your Options?
If you’re thinking about swapping out your seatpost clamp, you have two basic options in quick-adjust models. Single and double clamps. Both, when installed on the frame properly, will afford a solid connection (assuming the size is right).

You can also, if you choose, switch your single bolted model for a double bolted model, as these afford a more secure mechanical connection. Just be aware that you’ll need tools to adjust them.

Also, be aware that not all seat post clamps are the same size. Some models only fit certain unicycles. For more information on seat clamp sizes and compatible models, visit or contact their customer service representatives.

What If You Can’t Adjust the Saddle Height Adequately?
While you’re at, you’ll find additional resources on how to cut down your unicycle seatpost if necessary.

Many unicycle seatposts are actually intended to be cut down. If you can’t get comfortable by adjusting the seat tube height, you might need to cut it down to size. Visit the link above for more information.

Where Can You Find More Information (and Seatpost Clamps)
Before you buy a new model, it’s in your best interest to make sure you understand what you’re getting and end up purchasing a seatpost clamp that actually fits your unicycle frame.

Visit the link above to see what’s currently available and contact’s customer service at 678-494-4962.

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