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An Uncommon Circus Bike [20 Inch Model]

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People climb mountains because they’re there. It’s an oft-quoted sentiment that’s offered in place of a lengthier explanation whenever someone’s asked why they’ve accepted what appears to be a random challenge. One might say the same applies to the decision to tackle the unicycle; why ride a one-wheeler when you probably already know how to ride a bike? Because it’s there.

Of course, if you’ve dedicated yourself to the sport of unicycle riding, then you know there are many other great reasons to tackle such a challenge. It’s difficult, it’s an excellent workout, and it can make you a better cyclist overall. Plus, there are tons of ways to continue to challenge yourself once you’ve mastered the basics. You can take up freestyle riding, trials riding, mountain riding, or even learn how to ride a specialized unicycle like a giraffe model.

Speaking of which, if you’re an accomplished cyclist looking for a new mountain to climb, you don’t need to subtract a wheel. There are plenty of odd bikes out with which you can hone your skills, learn new tricks, or even entertain a crowd, if you so choose.

A highlight among these odd bikes is the Hoppley Circus Bike (20 inch model) available online at Don’t let the name set your expectations laughably low. It’s a circus bike in name only; the rest of the bike’s construction suggests unparalleled quality.

It features a round crown steel frame and curved front handlebars, also made of steel. The 20 inch wheels have single wall steel rims. Even the crank arms and the pegs affixed to the front wheels are made of steel. This compact circus bike is as tough as you like, and can hang with the knocks of learning new tricks and stunts.

Both wheels rotate entirely independently of each other, and the crank arms are attached directly to the hub of the rear axle, giving you excellent control, even if it comes at a slight sacrifice of speed. If you’re interested in a circus bike of uncommon, high quality to feed your desire to tackle new skills, this is one you can’t look past.

Not only is the bike designed for optimal handling and balance, the pegs on the front wheels give you space to accommodate another rider, and to perform tricks that you might have seen others perform on BMX bikes.

Even if trick riding isn’t your thing, challenging yourself in ways to which you’re not accustomed is great for your athletic development, for training purposes, and to make you a more well rounded rider. Even if you prefer mountain unicycling, for instance, conquering new tricks with a circus bike will make you, overall, a more proficient rider.

You might even find that you actually prefer trick riding or learning stunts on a bike without a chain drive. You may find that it gives you better control over handling and balance, especially for tricks like hopping about on the rear wheel. Don’t worry about use and abuse, either – this model is largely made of steel (as detailed above) and comes in at 22 pounds. You’re going to weather some unplanned dismounts, but this bike will be able to get right back up again with you.

Looking to learn more about the Hoppley Circus Bike (20 inch model) available online at The first thing you can do is visit their website via the previous link. There you can check out all of the product specifications and see what other customers’ experiences have been – and if you still have questions, feel free to contact them via their website live chat feature or give them a call at 678-494-4962.

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