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Are There SEO-Related Benefits to Being on a Hosted Platform like BigCommerce?

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There are over 60,000 BigCommerce websites out there, in the wilds of the internet, making BC one of the most popular eCommerce hosted solutions in the world.

But, as you may know from other experiences, popularity does not always serve as a credit to quality. Popularity also does not guarantee success.

So let’s take a closer look at one of the most common questions out there with respect to eCommerce and eCommerce platforms: are there any benefits to choosing a SaaS platform, say, BigCommerce?

More importantly, and more directly, are there any benefits specific to SEO?

BigCommerce & SEO: The Advantages of SaaS
Well, some of the general benefits of choosing a SaaS service also directly impact SEO. For example, with a subscription to BigCommerce, you’ll get industry-leading customer support, guaranteed uptimes, speeds, and site security.

Two of those things, site speed and security, and ranking signals that affect BigCommerce SEO. (Actually, they affect SEO for all platforms.)

BigCommerce also offers a few other nice features. For one, it’s widely compatible with a large number of third-party apps and social media platforms, improving the UX. BigCommerce also is compatible with a huge range of themes that can be adjusted for UX and navigability. The platform also automatically generates a site map, improving site structure.

In addition, BigCommerce also offers native support for accelerated mobile pages (AMP pages) making a BigCommerce site naturally more friendly to mobile devices.

So hosting your website on a platform like BigCommerce (or even Shopify) can come with a series of benefits over using an open-source platform like WordPress or Magento, despite the fact that making granular customizations to these can be easier and that there is a large support network available.

BigCommerce specifically also offers a few other benefits for users looking to kickstart their SEO.

For example, it is easy for administrators to make changes to page-level data and structure, such as page URL slugs, titles, and meta descriptions, which are also ranking factors. Making granular adjustments to page titles, blog posts, alt text of image files and product descriptions increases your BigCommerce store’s ability to rank competitively, especially with a rich snippet or in the “People Also Ask” section of the search results.

Yet, despite all this, there is no single “perfect” platform for SEO. Regardless of the platform you choose, you can get a lot of value from working with a provider for SEO services. SEO experts can do for your online store what the platform itself does not do.

How BigCommerce SEO Services Help
While BigCommerce is what some in the industry would call “SEO-friendly” or “SEO-ready,” there are some things that BigCommerce cannot do without the help of a BigCommerce SEO expert.

For example, a qualified agency partner will:

● Perform a site audit to identify issues, both sitewide and at the web page level, such as duplicate content, broken links, and low-quality backlinks.
● Perform keyword research and monitor GA and GSC for shifts in organic traffic or conversion rates.
● Suggest adjustments to web design to improve UX, such as by delivering faster loading times.
● Devise and deliver a content strategy for optimizing the content on your website (such as in your blog and product pages) as well as for content published elsewhere.
● Develop a link strategy.
● And much more.

A BigCommerce SEO services provider will help take what’s good about BC and make it better, enabling your website to rank more effectively in the SERPS, generating better targeted, higher organic traffic.

Where Can You Learn More
Interested in working with an established BigCommerce expert? Check out Genius eCommerce (GeniusEcommerce.com) to learn more about their services. They’ve been developing and implementing BigCommerce SEO services for years, to clients of all sizes and in very diverse industries.

It’s your year to light a fire for explosive eCommerce growth. Contact the experts at Genius eCommerce and make it happen!

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