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Bathroom Remodeling: Key Areas To Focus OnTo Improve Accessibility

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Bathroom remodeling is a very important upgrade to your home to enhance its convenience, looks and resale value. It is a much loved renovation your family is highly keen about and therefore, you deserve the get the best results for your investment. Finally when you have set your hands on bathroom remodeling Cedar Park, here are the key areas that deserve your prime focus and attention.  

Toilet Raise

Aged people find it difficult to get on and off the toilet, often resulting in falls inside the bathroom. Raised toilet seats come at a decent spending like $50 or less. However, one downside to them is that they might wobble while using them and might cause a fall. Toilevator is a sturdier option to consider which can be bought spending $100. It is easy to install and raise the toilet height to access easily. PT rail next to the toilet is more preferable than a grab bar as it features two bars at different heights to get on and off conveniently.

Install a better grip

While slipping on the floor is one another common cause for bathroom falls, grab bars can help prevent this. They make it convenient to get in and out of the shower. If you feel it is difficult to reach out the grab bars, non-slip floor tiles provide a great solution. A trending option in these lines is glazed or glass ceramic floor tiles featuring anti-slip finish. Quarry or textured tiles can also meet anti-slip goals.

Consider a walk-in shower

The lip surrounding the tub can pose a trip hazard as the shower users need to raise their leg over the tub’s edge. Since getting in and out of the bathtub is said to be one another common cause of bathroom falls, a walk in tub or a walk in or roll in shower are viable options you may think of.

Create a wider doorway

If the bathroom has to be more accessible to individuals using a walker or wheelchair, you may need to widen the doorway. If this is not feasible to your situation or if you feel this an expensive option, you may consider installing offset hinges. By making the door sit flush with the wall, these hinges can help create more entry space.

Take away

There are many simple upgrades to your bathroom you can try at a simple spending while setting your hands on bathroom remodeling Cedar Park. Find the best bathroom remodeling contractor who can get the job done neatly at a decent spending. 

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