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Benefits of Buying Glass Pieces Online

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Buying a new glass piece is exciting! A glass piece can refer to a pipe, a water bong, a bubbler, or really any piece of glass used for smoking. Each one produces a unique smoking experience for the user. Most smokers know which type of piece they are looking for when they begin to shop, it just takes falling in love with the right design and size for them to be sold.

Going to a local head shop can be tiring and they often are limited in variety. If you are in need of a new glass piece, like a bong, it might be time to buy a bong online. Buying pieces online have many advantages compared to traveling to a local smoke shop. Buying online is more convenient, cheaper, and much better quality than a local headshop can offer.


As many consumers know, online shopping is one of the most convenient experiences that we have grown accustomed to as a society. Nothing is better than having something delivered right to your door. Buying a glass piece online is just as convenient, if not more. Getting to browse for as long as you want without anyone trying to pressure you into a sale is relaxing and relieving.

At a local smoke shop, you are stuck with the pieces they have available at that location, limiting your choices. When shopping online, you can browse and shop at your leisure thousands of different pieces across 20 different websites. When you have found the piece you love, you can have it delivered to your door without ever having to leave the house. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!


Online suppliers generally sell glass pieces at lower prices than local smoke shops. This is because online retailers incur fewer costs than physical stores and can pass on those savings to the customer. Physical stores have to pay rent, licenses, utilities, and employee wages. All those costs add up and are reflected in the prices of local smoke shops.

Better Quality

In general, online smoke shops offer better quality pieces than physical headshops. This is because most online glass shops manufacture the pieces themselves. Being both the manufacturer and the seller, online smoke shops want to keep a good reputation and ensure their products are of the best quality. Local shops are only the seller, not the manufacturer, and cannot guarantee the quality of the pieces they are selling.

Customer Service

Since online smoke shops are also the manufacturers of their products, they can also offer a level of customer service that local headshops cannot offer. Most online shops offer 24/7 customer service that local shops just can not provide. Having to wait until the next business day for your local shop to open to be able to solve your problem with your piece is just ridiculous. Most online shops also offer refunds and store credits if your piece breaks or has an issue, while most local shops will want you to contact the manufacturer to have them deal with the problem.

Where to Buy Bongs Online

If you find yourself searching for “where to buy a bong online”, look no further than! Funky Piece offers a large selection of glass pipes, bubblers, bongs, and more. Funky Piece offers the highest quality glass pieces for the lowest prices available. They have a variety of different sizes and designs that will be sure to catch your eye. Find a glass piece that fits your lifestyle and will be delivered right to your door on

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