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The presence of water vapor in a natural gas stream increases the danger of pipeline corrosion, decreases line capacity due to the accumulation of free water in the line, and can cause the line to become clogged due to the formation of hydrates. This means that natural gas must have its water vapor removed so that hydrate development and corrosion due to condensed water are avoided.

In order to meet the requirement of the outlet pipeline, water vapor is removed from the natural gas streams by use of a natural gas dehydration unit. Dehydrating natural gas typically entails allowing a desiccant to absorb the water vapor present in the gas.

Why Is Natural Gas Dehydration Important?
The water vapor in natural gas can be removed through dehydration. The presence of water vapor leads to the growth of hydrates, the saturation of natural gas, and the rusting of machinery. Hydrates are chemicals that crystallize from hydrocarbons and water, and they have the appearance of solid ice.

The development of hydrates takes place in cold, high-pressure well streams. Saturation is raised and more water vapor is produced as a result of the high pressure.

Pipes, valves, and other gear can freeze and get blocked when hydrated substances are present, halting production. To be marketable, oversaturated gas must be de-saturated to bring it down to the 7 pounds per mmcfd required by the pipeline industry.

Water can exist either as a gas or as a liquid, depending on the surrounding temperature and pressure. Water’s corrosive effects are compounded when it’s in liquid form and left lying around. Dehydrating the gas through vapor condensation results in a liquid that can be eliminated via adsorption or absorption, reducing the aforementioned negative effects.

The Safest Method for Drying Compressed Air in Hazardous Situations
To function properly in potentially dangerous industrial settings, many instruments and controls need instrument-grade compressed air. Lack of dry, clean air can cause significant damage to quality control and process control equipment, requiring costly repairs and downtime.

Refineries, chemical processing facilities, mines, grain mills, and other establishments where there may be significant amounts of flammable vapors, fumes, dust, or fibers that can catch fire are examples of hazardous settings. Any spark could cause a catastrophic explosion, endangering the lives of nearby workers and damaging expensive machinery.

A common source of energy for operators in the natural gas sector is pressurized natural gas, which is especially useful in hazardous environments with the potential for the presence of explosive gases. There can be no chance of sparks or explosions, so all machinery used there must be built with that in mind.

HLSXG: Explosion-Proof Natural Gas Dryers
With these things in mind, Van Air Systems HLSXG regenerative desiccant natural gas dehydration units produce very dry gas, even in the most dangerous and demanding operating environments where safety and performance are the most important things. Saturated gas is dried by HLSXG dryers using pressure swing adsorption, which is how the dryers get rid of the water vapor.

Gas Pak Pro Portable Natural Gas Dehydration Unit
The leader in deliquescent drying technology, Van Gas Technologies, has made a new portable way to dry out natural gas called the Gas Pak Pro. The whole PLD skid kit is ready to go wherever the job takes you. The Gas Pak PRO is a skid package that is specially made to meet your needs for natural gas dehydration. The first of its kind, this natural gas dehydration machine is portable and can be taken anywhere.

All of the natural gas dehydration units highlighted here can be found on the website of Air & Vacuum Process INC, along with their respective costs for you to get a feel for your budget. You may also contact anyone from Air & Vacuum Process INC at 866.660.0208 for more information.

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