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Best Vape Pens to Quit Smoking

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Smokers know that quitting smoking cigarettes or any nicotine product can be a tiring uphill battle. Smoking is a relaxing, ritualistic experience that yields horrible side effects. In the short term, coughing, shortness of breath, yellowing teeth, bad breath, reduction in sense of taste and smell. In the long term, smoking can cause lung and mouth cancer, increased risk of strokes and brain damage, and increased risk of emphysema.

Despite the negative effects of smoking, most smokers continue smoking because they enjoy the relaxing sensation that smoking gives them. This relaxing sensation comes from the chemical Nicotine that is in almost all tobacco products.

What is Nicotine?
Nicotine is a stimulant that speeds up the connections between the brain and the body. The brain experiences a rush of adrenaline because the nicotine stimulates the adrenal glands. Nicotine also indirectly causes a release of dopamine, a pleasure hormone, which is why smokers experience a feeling of relaxation. Nicotine is highly addictive because of the euphoric feeling users experience.

Unfortunately, nicotine alone is also extremely detrimental to the human body. Nicotine use increases a user’s chance of a heart attack because nicotine can cause increased blood pressure, heart rate, and narrowing of arteries. Nicotine also contributes to the hardening of the arterial walls. The best way to live a healthy lifestyle is to quit tobacco and nicotine products and Cyclone Pods make one of the best vape pens to quit smoking.

Cyclone Pods
Most vape pens that advertise as an alternative to tobacco products still contain nicotine. Although eliminating tobacco from your life is beneficial to your health, nicotine is still detrimental to your brain and body. It is best to quit both nicotine and tobacco products to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Cyclone Pods have one of the few vape pens on the market that are nicotine-free and a healthy alternative to smoking. Cyclone Pods make vape pens, vape juice pods, and disposable vape pens that are all nicotine-free and come in a variety of delicious flavors. All of their juices are made in the United States and do not contain any harmful additives such as vitamin E acetate or diacetyl. Cyclone Pods wants to address nicotine dependency by creating a unique smoking experience that customers can enjoy.

Flavors and Options
Cyclone Pods offers a rechargeable vape pen called a “Thunder Device”. The Thunder Device comes with a vape device and a USB to a micro USB charging cable. A rechargeable device is great because you will only need to purchase juice pods going forward and will save money in the long run. One downside is having to remember to charge the device whenever the battery runs out.

After buying a Thunder Device, you will need to browse through flavors and see which flavor will best suit you. Cyclone Pods offers a large selection of nicotine-free flavors such as Thunder Mint, Thunder Mango, Thunder Strawberry, Thunder Watermelon, Thunder Fruitmint, Thunder Vanilla, Thunder Blueberry, Thunder Tobacco, Thunder Coffee, Thunder Lemonade, Thunder Raspberry, Thunder Grape, and Thunder Bold Tobacco. Tobacco flavors are great for cigarette smokers that miss the taste of cigarettes, it can make it much easier to quit smoking.

Cyclone Pods also offers disposable vape pens that come with vape juice already installed. Once the battery dies, just dispose of the entire pen! Disposables are great because you don’t need to worry about remembering a charger or buying pods. One downside is that they may cost you less initially, but will probably cost you a little more in the long run. Cyclone offers the same flavors for their pods in the disposable pens as well, so you don’t have to worry about which option will have the flavor you like.

If you find yourself searching for the “best vape pens to quit smoking”, look no further than Cyclone Pods. You can find the wide selection of flavors on their website cyclonepods.com.

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