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Brad Point Drill Bits: What They Are and How They Are Used

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You’ve heard of brad nails. Now, let’s talk about brad point drill bits, what they are, and what sorts of advantages their design offers.

Looking at a drill bit in profile, brad point drill bits have a unique tip configuration. They have spurs at the outer edges of the flutes, as well as a pointed tip.

Brad point drill bits are used for drilling blind holes in wood (though they can be used for drilling holes in soft materials like plastic and composites as well), even if the starting position does not contact the wood at a 90° angle.

They create flat bottom holes, minimize the risk of the drill bit point penetrating below the panel while drilling, and are perfect for drilling precise, flat bottom holes for inserting dowels and small tenons.

These specialized drill bits have several unique adaptations that make them suitable for drilling these flat bottom holes in wood.

One is the central point, which helps minimize deflection on contact with wood and which prevents walking which can be a problem with conventional drill bits, especially on very hard woods.

The other is the presence of the spurs along the outer terminal edges of the flutes. These spurs help prevent splintering, chipping, and tear-out at the surface of the hole, leaving a clean hole and helping to eliminate the need for sanding. They often have wide flutes, as well, that help assist with effective, rapid chip evacuation.

The spurs of brad point bits also continue to shear away the wood fibers as the bit passes further into the hole, leaving a clean, evenly sized bore. If using the brad point to drill completely through the material, the spurs help ensure a clean hole when passing through the other side as well, with minimal to no tearing.

Furthermore, there are two broad classes of brad drill bits; those designed for hardwoods and those designed for softwoods.

Brad point drill bits designed for softwoods have wider, rounded spurs that compress the wood grain while shearing it, whereas those designed for hardwoods have more sharply profiled spurs, which are more effective at cleanly cutting the stronger hardwood fibers while generating less heat.

It is inadvisable to use a brad point bit designed for softwoods on a hardwood, as it will generate excess friction and heat.

An indispensable tool in any woodworker’s catalog, brad point drill bits are ideal for boring clean, straight, accurately sized holes in wood and soft composites, with minimal risk of deflection, walking, or tear-out.

Where to Get High-Quality Brad Point Drill Bits

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