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Buy a 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

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Anniversaries are a very special date for all couples that commemorate the time they first started their relationship or the official date of when they tied the knot. Many married couples hype up their anniversaries by going to dinner, planning a special vacation, or spending time with one another to celebrate another year of love together.

Typically, the common practice of celebrating an anniversary comes with gift-giving. It’s just another way to show appreciation for your partner and find them something really special that they will enjoy as their yearly anniversary gift.

Normally, if you happen to be the male partner in a relationship with a woman, the expected gift is a necklace or some sort of jewelry. If a woman is giving a gift to their husband, they are typically given some sort of tool or a more masculine gift. Now, you can stand out from the crowd and give that special someone in your life the perfect gift they deserve.

Or, if you’re a close friend or family member of a married couple with an anniversary coming up, this gift idea could really come in handy as a great wedding anniversary gift for couples.

That Special Gift For a Special Person

If you or a friend is looking for a unique wedding anniversary gift, look no further than J. Devlin Glass Arts. This glass art company specializes in the legendary Louis Comfort Tiffany technique which involves using copper foil and solder to craft their beautiful stained glass art pieces.

Their website showcases a wide array of gorgeous designs and glass art items including lamps, night lights, keepsake boxes, picture frames, trays, and even kaleidoscopes.

These types of gifts will tantalize even the most adventurous person. The personnel at J. Devlin recognize that many of their creations are more geared towards being gifts, so they decided to start personalizing many of their most popular designs and items.

Personalized presents are the perfect type of gift for a wedding anniversary because you can add so many personal memories or mementos that will further elevate the already thoughtful gift.

J. Devlin even went as far as to create a separate anniversary gift section for easy access to everything you could want in a gift for your spouse. The options are beautiful and you won’t be disappointed. You are able to choose from beautiful keepsake boxes where you are free to choose the color and engrave whatever you want into the box.

You may also want a personalized picture frame, to frame your wedding photo or favorite picture you have with your spouse. This type of gift is something you and your husband or wife will cherish forever. These gorgeous gifts also can double as home decor, so you can spruce up your bedroom or other room in your home.

Buy From J Devlin Glass Today

If you’re interested in investing in a gift that your spouse or friend will never stop talking about, then check out J. Devlin Glass Art. Their passion for making craft glass art goes unnoticed with their incredible pieces to choose from.

Being a father-daughter-owned business, they understand the need for quality gifts and memorabilia for your family and friends. The customer service provided by this company is top-notch and they will make sure you are taken care of every time.

Give them a call at 844-772-2145 if you have any questions regarding their products or practices. You can also visit their website at and search to buy a 1 year wedding anniversary gift for couples today.

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