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Buy Weed Pipes for a More Discreet Smoking Experience

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First originated in the mountainous regions of eastern central Asia as a way to communicate with their dead loved ones, the marijuana was once smoked by burning the cannabis plant in a brazier. In the present day, smokers of the said plant all over the world have found different types of smoking methods, all of which provide the best experience depending on the preference of the smoker.

Smoking weed or any other type of marijuana product has never been easier with the right kind of tool. Gone are the days when smoking weed is limited to rolling papers alone, as there are various ways to do it efficiently for quite some time now. And if you’re new to this, you might not have any idea which one works best for you yet. There are a few options out there that you may have only seen on TV but haven’t really gotten around to try which way feels right.

The Use of Pipes
Fairly new and even seasoned cannabis smokers choose to buy weed pipes as they are the more convenient and popular method for smoking cannabis. For the reason being that weed, pipes are easy to carry paraphernalia and are made of glass which doesn’t corrupt the quality of the weed when lit and smoked. As you may well know, glass is the best material for a cleaner and pure smoking experience without the smell of a burnt paper mixing with the smoke of the cannabis plant.

However, weed pipes come in a wide variety of types. It’s important that you know each type to see which one should you try first before venturing out to a lot less practical way but a lot cooler to smoke with—the bong. When it comes to discretion, the bong would draw a lot more attention than hand-held weed pipes. So, if you’re not keen on taking the center stage of smoking, you got to buy weed pipes for more convenience.

Kinds of Pipes
Hand pipes or commonly known as”spoons” are the most discreet and easy carry type of weed pipe. This piece of handheld paraphernalia is so low-key that it actually makes you a lot cooler once you whip it out randomly in a more strategic location. It is conveniently made out of glass and comes with a bowl a carb and a stem.

Hitters are the much smaller version of weed pipes. It is small tube-like paraphernalia with a mouthpiece on one end. Its bowl is very deep to accommodate a single hit. They are also handheld and are made of glass. It is so small to a point that it can only hold a tiny portion of a cannabis flower for a quick session.

As unfortunate as it is, not everyone likes to see someone smoking weed. But with weed pipes, you’ll be able to do it discreetly whenever you want to.

Are you in the market for a discreet weed pipe? Buy weed pipes from Funky Piece and make the best out of your discreet smoking experience.

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