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Can a Clown Circus Bike Improve Your Skills?

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Looking for a creative way to challenge your skills as a rider, try something different or get the attention of a crowd? Consider getting yourself a clown circus bike and getting in the saddle. It just might be what you need to shake things up and break the mold.

Challenge Yourself
One of the better, more practical reasons for getting a new clown circus bike is to challenge yourself. You can obviously get a great workout and stay in shape on your bike, training for races and other competitions during your downtime, but more of the same can result in a plateau. If you need a little variety in your fitness routine to keep you at the cutting edge, trying to learn new tricks on a mini bike or a clown bike can be a nice change-up from the routine.

We’re not suggesting that you replace your normal routine, not by any stretch. All we’re saying is that you can learn new tricks and skills in the saddle of a minibike or a circus bike, and that’s true.

To tell the truth, riding one of these stunt bikes is no joke, even if some riders choose them expressly for the purpose of entertainment. You can also certainly improve your strength, flexibility, and coordination by tackling a new challenge like a clown circus bike.

If you’re thinking of a penny-farthing when you mention a “clown circus bike,” keep in mind that some organizations still ride and race these. They’re a great way not only to indulge in history but to develop new skills and maybe even get into a new racing hobby.

Entertain the Crowd
Of course, one of the most common reasons for getting a clown circus bike, be it a true clown bike or a minibike, is to learn to execute new tricks and to entertain a crowd. If this underscores your intentions to get and ride a clown bike, then it’s a fitting investment.

Sure, you can put on a show riding any bike and if you have the skills a crowd will take note of – but the amusement value of a clown bike is literally built right in. You don’t need to learn a new trick to turn heads on a clown bike. That helps, but the bike will do the heavy lifting.

All the same, if you add some new tricks to your repertoire of skills, you’ll really be able to command a crowd from the saddle of a miniature bicycle.

Try a Unicycle
Now hear this out – unless you’ve got your heart absolutely set on a clown bike, it might be a unicycle you should really be after, especially if your aim is to stay in shape by building strength and endurance.

It’s not a clown circus bike, but a unicycle will pose a serious athletic challenge. Like biking, it’s a low-impact workout, and in only a short period of time, riding a unicycle can give you a great workout.

Needing to stay “on the ball” and keep your balance is one of the challenges facing unicyclists. In addition, tackling the one-wheeler can improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and sense of balance.

Where Can You Buy a Clown Circus Bike?
If you’re thinking it’s going to take some magic to find quality in a clown circus bike, you’re not quite right. You just need to know where to look.

Save yourself some searching and go straight for, where you’ll find a wide selection of unicycles (including retro unicycles), clown bikes, minibikes, and even penny-farthing bikes. They also sell safety gear, bike and unicycle parts, and tools – everything you need to ride.

Take a look through their collection online and get in touch with them directly 678-494-4962 if you have any questions. You’ll be in the saddle of an odd bike in no time.

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