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Cannabis-Laced Bachelor Party Ideas

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With many states opening up to the advantages of cannabis in our lives, many people are also finding new and exciting ways to include it in various celebrations of love and life. Recreational cannabis is very popular among people who just really want to have a good time. When used in celebrations like bachelor’s parties, it brings nothing but utmost happiness and enhances the mood of the event like no other.

If you happen to be the chosen best man of the groom, pretty sure you’re feeling extra smug about it right now. However cool it is to be chosen among the best ones though, planning the bachelor’s party is undeniably one of your first tasks as a best man. And if you haven’t done it before, you’re probably going to want some pointers on how to incorporate a really awesome, cannabis-laced bachelor’s party of the year, here’s how:

Choose Glass Pipes
There are lots of paraphernalia out there that are used in smoking cannabis during a bachelor’s party. But if you’re not sure if anyone knows how to roll a joint, you better start searching for weed pipes for sale. While a group of grown-up men smoking a joint look pretty badass, if no one has tried to roll one before, better not risk it. A waste product is money lost you can never take back. On top of that smoking weed on a glass pipe is also really the best option out there if you guys want a clean, pure cannabis hit.

Cultivated Cannabis
Once you’ve found the best selection of weed pipes for sale, it’s time to hunt down a premium dispensary and cultivators of top-grade cannabis. This party should be one for the books. The man of the hour and the party should smoke nothing but premium grade cannabis that’s been cultivated with organic and eco-friendly nutrients—which means, no pesticides. Pesticides on your cannabis flower will ruin the green hit you deserve, and also, it’s not too hard to find locally sourced cannabis. In fact, there’s a lot of them if you just know where to look.

Weed Tours
This may sound unreal, but weed tours are not your mediocre kind of bus tours where people have the most repulsive attitude with almost no class at all. Weed tours are bus tours where guests can have fun checking out local dispensaries of cannabis. Here, you will see how they are grown and the products used to cultivate them, which is a really cool experience for first-timers. If you haven’t ordered any stash for the party yet, this is the time where everyone can have their preference and get blazed out of their mind with the product of their choosing. Although, you can always pick either camping or just about any outdoor activities the boys can surely enjoy a good high.

If you haven’t made up your mind as to where you want the party is, you can buy weed pipes for now so you’ll have more time worrying about other things. Check out Funky Piece Smoke Shop for the best weed pipes in the market.

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