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Can’t Find American Eagle or Remington 9mm? Try Venom Ammo

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Given the current ammo buying conditions, you might not be able to find your bread-and-butter rounds on the shelf at the local shop. You might even turn to ordering online if you can’t find it in stores.

We shooters can be creatures of habit and we can also be a bit suspicious. One tale from a friend about a “dirty” ammo or a bad online review can sour us against a particular brand, even if we have never tried the brand in question before.

But with the current shortage, you should be willing at least to try new brands. One of them you may have seen on shelves or reviewed online is Venom 9mm Ammo.

Venom ammunition is produced by a company known as Medef Defense, located in Turkey. They only produce a few different cartridges, one of them being the Venom 9mm ammo that is the focus here.

There are a few things you should know about this, and looking at the specs of this round, it looks like it has a lot going for it.

First, Venom 9mm Luger ammo is loaded into high-quality brass cases that are reloadable – good news for you handloaders. They’re also loaded with non-corrosive, boxer primers.

Another great thing about the Venom 9mm rounds is that the design of the cartridge features a special seal around the primer as well as around the casing rim. This renders them fully waterproof – making them ideal for target practice, especially in the elements and in inclement conditions.

They’re also engineered with a design that minimizes distortion upon impact, which improves feeding.

Something else you should know is that Venom ammo is loaded to the requirements of the CIP, which is the European equivalent of SAAMI. These cartridges are tested to ensure consistency and reliability.

Another selling point is the price. Venom 9mm ammo is priced competitively at worst, and at best, lower than alternatives like Federal American Eagle.

So, on paper, Venom 9mm ammo definitely looks like quality, but what do shooters say?

You can perform your own scouring of the web, but we’d like to turn your attention toward one source that tested it and gave it resoundingly positive reviews.

According to Ammo Squared’s recent post on the matter, Venom 9mm ammo is not only reliable, but it is also accurate.

Their test indicates that they fired 1,000 rounds of Venom 9mm through 10 different guns and not once was there an issue with firing, feeding, or ejection. One gun experienced a mechanical issue resulting in stovepipe jams but it was determined to be the gun and not the ammo.

Their review also claims to have produced 25-yard groups ranging between (roughly) 2.75” and 3.25”, so their remarks on the ammo’s accuracy are positive too.

So, if you’ve been holding off because you don’t trust it, find your own reviews online or check out the source we referenced. Use your own judgment and see what you come up with. Our bet is it will be positive.

Where Can You Get Venom 9mm Ammo Online (at Great Prices)?

Ready to start feeding Venom 9mm ammo through your gun? You need a place where you can get it for a good price.

Bookmark Bucking Horse Outpost online at They carry Venom 9mm and a wide range of other popular brands, including CCI Blazer, TulAmmo, Remington UMC, Federal American Eagle, Magtech, Speer Gold Dot, and many more.

Check out their website for more details and make sure you save the page and check back periodically – you never know when you might score a deal on your favorite ammo, whether it’s Venom or not.

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