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Carestream CBCT Machines That Can Also Provide Ceph Imaging

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Carestream Dental has been a trusted name in digital dental imaging for many years, providing high-quality imaging and software systems for dental and dental specialty offices. As a leading provider of dental X-ray systems, it’s no surprise that some dental professionals may feel a sense of loyalty to Carestream Dental, especially if they have owned Carestream Dental devices.

For those of you looking for a Carestream CBCT machine that offers dedicated panoramic, dental cone beam along with cephalometric imaging, there are several options that can offer full three-in-one functionality in a variety of field of view (FOV) sizes to meet the needs of just about any dental, orthodontic or dental specialty practice. All Carestream CBCT machines deliver standard 2D panoramic imaging, including adult, pediatric, segmented (bitewing), TMJ, sinus views and more. In addition, all cephalometric systems from Carestream Dental feature “One Shot” technology, capturing high-quality ceph images in just over a second, reducing the risk of patient movement and X-ray retakes. Available cephalometric X-ray exams include oblique, frontal (AP/PA), lateral, submento-vertex and carpus images.

All Carestream CBCT systems with added cephalometric functionality include dedicated sensor technology, meaning you don’t have to manually switch sensors between cone beam, panoramic, and/or cephalometric modalities. This eliminates the risk of staff members dropping expensive components that can literally cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace. In addition, it prevents normal wear and tear on sensor connectors over time.

What’s more, all Carestream CBCT systems are pedo-friendly, handicap accessible, and integrate with most leading dental imaging software. They also include Carestream CS 3D Imaging Software to help you capture, analyze, store, and share your 2D and 3D images. Now let’s look at some of the 3-in-one combination systems available from Carestream Dental, and certified pre-owned by Renew Digital.

Carestream CS 9000C 3D Panorex + Ceph + Cone Beam
The affordable Carestream CS 9000C 3D provides a great deal of value for the price and includes not only small, or focused, field of view cone beam technology but also dedicated 2D panoramic and cephalometric imaging as well. The small field of view cone beam scan (5 x 3.75 cm) produces highly detailed, high-resolution CBCT images, perfect for implant planning or endodontics.

Carestream CS 9300 Select Panorex + Ceph + Cone Beam
The Carestream CS 9300C Select delivers dedicated 2D panoramic and cephalometric X-rays as well as medium field of view cone beam images up to 10×10 cm. Each FOV size includes a high-resolution mode to capture the finest anatomical details. Plus, it is certified by OraMetrix, Inc. for use with SureSmile orthodontic technology. The CS 9300C Select is a great choice for general dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery and other specialty practices to support implant planning, surgical guide fabrication, orthodontics, endodontics and other applications.

Carestream CS 9300 Premium Panorex + Ceph + Cone Beam
The Carestream CS 9300C Premium, like Carestream CS 9300C Select, also delivers the ability to produce 2D panoramic and cephalometric imaging along with dental cone beam technology. The CS 9300C Premium, however, features large FOV cone beam imaging up to 17×13.5 cm to support the widest range of dental applications.
The CS 9300C Premium allows you to select up to 7 pre-set 3D field of view options that enable you to limit the region so you can minimize radiation dosage and capture only the area of interest. Use the high-resolution mode, available with each selection, for exams requiring extra detail and precision. The CS 9300C Premium from Carestream Dental is a good fit for just about any dental specialty and application requiring a larger view of the dental anatomy including but not limited to orthodontics, sleep, airway, oral surgery, orthognathic surgery, implant planning and more. Like the CS 9300C Select, the Premium model is also SureSmile-certified by OraMetrix, Inc.

Carestream CS 8100C 3D Panorex + Ceph + Cone Beam
The Carestream CS 8100C 3D Panorex + Ceph + Cone Beam system captures both 2D panoramic and cephalometric images as well as medium FOV dental cone beam scans in a sleek, compact footprint. The system’s smaller design allows it to fit in even the tightest imaging spaces.

The CS 8100C delivers medium field of view cone beam scans up to 8×9 cm and includes a high-resolution mode to capture the finest clinical details. This system is a great option for dental and specialty practices alike to support applications such as orthodontics, implant planning, endodontics and oral surgery.

Save 30-50% by Purchasing Pre-Owned Carestream CBCT Systems
Whatever your clinical requirements, you can save significantly when you investigate the options available at Renew Digital provides a wide range of certified pre-owned dental panoramic X-ray machines and cone beam systems, including many Carestream CBCT models, at substantially discounted prices. You can expect to save anywhere from 30%-50% off the list price of new Carestream Dental machines.

In addition, these low prices include installation, training and ongoing support for your CBCT after your purchase, which includes a full replacement parts and onsite service warranty. Contact Renew Digital online at or call 888-246-5611 to learn more and to find the perfect used Carestream CBCT system for your practice and budget.

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