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Challenges to expanding your business presence globally

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When you wish to expand your business presence globally, you get to encounter a lot of challenges including creating new entities, addressing some tax implications, hiring the right employees, and several others. Here are a few challenges and how to face them while expanding into new global business territories.

The format of your business
It is very important to understand that your business is bound by the regulations of the markets in which you are operating even when you have not established an overseas entity there. When you are selling to customers, know that the consumers are protected by the laws of their countries. They can be in the form of employee regulations, consumer laws or data protection regulations. When you allow access to your website, you are automatically under obligation to abide by the local regulations.

Understanding and complying with employee laws
A number of European nations have laws similar to the US when it comes to distinguishing between employees and contractors. If any given individual is under the direction of your business and share your business card, business name or office space, they will be designated as employees. Once this is done, they are protected by the laws of their country and residence pertaining to payroll and filing. Hence it is necessary to provide such individuals with a local employment contract. When it comes to protection, the laws of every state can differ and you need to take this into account. Once the contract is drafted rightly, when it is the question of hiring or firing employees.

Giving incentives to employees via stock options
If you wish to give incentives to your employees through stock options, it is necessary to check the local taxation laws. This will help you make sure that you localize wherever it is needed and benefit from a tax efficient plan that can be used for overseas employees while exercising the options. If this is not done, the risk of facing large tax bills can bother the employer as well as the employees. In countries where the employees will need to pay higher taxes on these options, they rather prefer not to accept options as part of their remuneration.

Registering the intellectual property
It is also necessary to register your patents, trademarks, and designs in the markets in which you are operating. Remember that they are not protected by your local filings in your native country. For example, if you are looking forward to sell in three or more European countries, it is a good idea to go for EU-wide protection. While focusing on limited markets, country-wise filings are also a viable option.

The role of international affairs lawyers
In addition to what has been discussed above, there are a lot many issues you might face like terms of services and contracts, acquisition issues, tax issues, data protection concerns, issues related to real estate and many other possibilities of disputes. In facing all these challenges effectively, the role of an international affairs lawyer will benefit you a lot.

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