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Chamfer End Mills: Little Tools with Lots of Potential

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Using milling machines can greatly increase the efficiency of production environments, but it still takes a lot of work to go from raw material to a finished product. This process includes using multiple milling cutters to achieve the best possible results. One small but important tool in the machining process is a Chamfer end mill. These tools are typically used in the finishing process, but they have a number of uses.

Chamfer mills are short cutting tools, with a straight stank terminating in a pointed tip. The actual cutting surface is mostly or entirely limited to the point of the end mill. The short length of these tools makes them extremely stable, even at high speeds. The pointed tip on chamfer end mills also makes them well suited for a variety of different machining operations including chamfering, beveling, and some drilling operations.

The most obvious purpose of a chamfer cutter is profiling and chamfering. The chamfering process breaks sharp edges on the workpiece by creating a third intermediate plane at the point where two edges of the workpiece meet. This process can also help to remove burrs that have formed on the edges of a workpiece, making them easier and safer to handle.

The process of chamfering is commonly confused with beveling. When an edge is chamfered, only a portion of the area where the two edges meet is removed. When an edge is beveled, material is removed to entirely change the angle at which the two sides meet. A chamfering cutter can also be used to bevel, though it may take several passes depending on the area that needs beveling.

In addition to milling, chamfer end mills can also be used for some drilling operations. As long as the tip angle of the cutter is equal to or greater than that of a drill bit that needs to be used, then you can use a chamfer mill to spot drill the location of holes and improve accuracy. The point of a chamfer cutter can also be used to countersink holes that have already been drilled.

When it comes to selecting chamfer cutters, one of the most important factors to consider is the material used to make your tools. Solid carbide tools are always the best choice in terms of wear resistance and tool life. Carbide tools can be used on a wide variety of materials. They can also operate at faster running parameters than tools make from metallic alloys like high speed steel.

If you are interested in finding carbide chamfer end mills for your shop, then you need to check out Online Carbide. At, you will find a great selection of solid carbide end mills and drill bits including chamfer mills. All of their tools are precision machined from high quality micro-grain tungsten carbide. They are also offered at manufacturer direct prices so you can get the tools that your shop needs at a great price.

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