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Changing Approaches Towards Indian Weddings

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Indian weddings have always been gorgeous events on the earth where a lot of money goes in to organizing the big event the families of the bride and groom will always cherish. However, a lot has changed with how the millennial couples approach weddings. Reflecting on some of these changes will help in planning your own wedding in line with the popular trend.

What are changing about Indian weddings
Millennial couples are no longer interested in seeing bulky guest lists. Despite their inclination towards trimming the size of the gathering, the spending has remained the same or might have increased in other ways.

Some of the major spending on Indian weddings seem to happen on venues, decorations and foods according to wedding planning experts.

Indian weddings have regional variations. According to the region from where the couples hail from, the ceremonies and rituals differ. However, these days, the personal preferences of the couples seem to impact the event planning in a big way.

The characteristic marks of Indian weddings such as colors, decorations, dance, music, rituals and costumes continue to command a huge following by families in all sections of the society.

While most couples opt for big religious ceremonies, others seem to move towards more intimate celebrations.

In some cases, Indian weddings draw up to 1,000 people as guests invited under different categories and this comes with a heavy cost. Nevertheless, it is very common to see millennials believing that less is actually more.

Rather than making their wedding event a competition with those of their peers, the digital age couples are more bent upon providing a grand and highly personalized experience to their guests.

Hospitality is one area where Indian weddings have grown immensely. Smitha Gupta, an Indian wedding planner says, “The success of weddings obviously depends on the guests, but it’s not the number of guests nowadays. They are more worried about the guest experience.”

Indian wedding Photography
While many things have changed about Indian weddings, one thing that is ruling over the scene of Indian marriages is photography and videography. Today, a creative Indian wedding photographer for instance is finding several innovative ways to revolutionize the way weddings are captured in media. Couples have developed tall expectations about their wedding photography.

Take away
Indian wedding photography is an important area where you must do the right kind of planning and allocate the right amount of budget. Find a creative Indian wedding photographer and take the right steps to create the best memories of your big day for posterity.

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