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Choosing a Seatpost Clamp

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Whether your preferred ride has one wheel or two, adjusting that ride to your own unique dimensions is going to require you to make some adjustments yourself. One thing you might choose to do is swap out the crankset with a pair of arms that are either shorter or longer and thereby more comfortable for you to use. You might also choose to cut your seatpost tube down to a more reasonable length. Making adjustments to seat height from that point will require you to choose the proper seatpost clamp.

But how can you make sure you have the right seatpost clamp for your unicycle or bike? The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re working with the right size.

Make Sure It’s the Right Size
If a seatpost clamp is not the right size for your seatpost tube, it’s not going to be of much use to you. You need to make sure that it will fit the seatpost tube of your bike or unicycle. Fortunately, the size of most clamps is prominently disclosed. For a quick example, take a look at the product listing for the Nimbus DoubleQuick 31.8mm Seatpost Clamp, available online at

The product listing clearly marks this as a clamp that will fit a 27.2mm seatpost and that its actual size is 31.8mm. It also lists compatible unicycles as the Impact Gravity and Sylph Unicycles as well as some Kris Holm models along with the Nimbus Oracle.

Check the Nimbus Oracle listing on the same website for cross-reference. You will see that it comes with a 31.8mm DoubleQuick Release Seatpost Clamp – the same size as the model mentioned above. In most cases, the product listings will provide the specifications for compatible parts, but you should check to be sure, especially if you plan on swapping them out.

Choose a Model That Adjusts According to Your Needs
After you’ve determined what size of seatpost clamp you need, you can decide whether you want one that tightens via the aid of bolts (one or two) or via a quick-release clamp (also one or two).

Seatpost clamps that tighten via the aid of bolts assure a very secure hold on the seatpost tube, but they can be difficult to adjust quickly in the field unless you have the right tool. However, some riders carry multi-tools anyway, so it might not be a concern for you.

By contrast, quick release clamps require no tools to adjust the seat height in the field. With these types of seatpost clamps, you can make height adjustments in a matter of moments.

Get Help If You Need It!
Once you’ve determined the type of seatpost clamp you want to use based on how it adjusts and ensured that the model in question is compatible with your unicycle or bike, you should be able to make adjustments on your own. However, if you ever have any questions about whether or not a clamp is compatible, or you have other product-specific questions, get in touch with the customer service team at via their website or at 678-494-4962.

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