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Comparing Today’s iTero Scanner Models

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For over a decade, iTero Element® intraoral scanners have been known for their accuracy, ease of use, compatibility with Invisalign® case submission, and overall advanced design.

Doctors are making the investment in iTero scanners to bring value to their practice, helping them operate with a completely digital workflow while maximizing their patients’ comfort.

Practices relying on digital impression technologies, like iTero scanners, can improve efficiency in treatment planning, easily submitting records to mills, dental labs, and 3D printers for faster fabrication of appliances and restorations. Plus, many doctors are finding that an iTero intraoral scanner can serve as a powerful tool for increased case acceptance through simplified patient education. After all, a 3D scan can more easily allow a patient to visualize the issue at hand and the treatment being recommended.

To help doctors find the right iTero to meet their clinical needs and their budget, we’re reviewing four of today’s available models based on features and function.

One of the main ways iTero scanners differentiate their value proposition from other brands is through their features. iTero offers a range of standard and premium features to help doctors select what’s necessary for them to provide the best patient care.

Below is a list of some of the features that distinguish an iTero scanner from competitors:

  • Standard:
    • Invisalign compatibility
    • Intraoral photography functionality
    • Flexible mobile configurations for easy transportation, operatory setup, and chairside visualization (includes cart and laptop configurations)
    • Upgradability path
  • Premium:
    • Increased scanning speed
    • HD imaging
    • 3D intraoral camera
    • Interproximal caries detection
    • Cable-free design
    • VESA compatible mounting

iTero Element Flex™ – With all of the standard features and high-powered hardware and software components associated with the iTero brand, the iTero Element Flex is the “value” offering from iTero. The iTero Element Flex is the only current model offered as a wand-only design, typically paired with a laptop monitor for simple plug-and-play operation. The more premium iTero Element 5D and 5D Plus are also compatible with a laptop, though typically sold with a cart design.

Doctors that are interested in an iTero scanner but are more budget-conscious can also purchase an iTero Element Flex through the company’s Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program, which includes warranty, software, and support at a greatly reduced price, typically under $10K.

iTero Element 2 – The iTero Element 2 is the current generation of iTero’s first Element series intraoral scanner – the iTero Element. This evolution was enhanced with 25% faster scan processing and faster start-up time, with a longer-lasting battery than its predecessor.

This model is offered exclusively with a cart design and features a 21.5” touchscreen and HD color imaging for greater portability and chairside visualization with patients.

iTero Element 5D – As previously mentioned, all iTero Element 5D models (including the Plus Series) are compatible with a laptop, but most are paired with the manufacturer’s onboard cart design. The major innovation of this model over the iTero Element 2 is its Near-Infrared Imaging (NIRI) technology to improve diagnostic workflows. This feature aids in the detection and monitoring of interproximal caries above the gingiva in real-time. The iTero Element 5D was the first intraoral scanner on the market to offer this unique feature.

The iTero Element 5D also offers two premium software features that have proved popular with patients: the Invisalign Outcome Simulator and iTero TimeLapse.

The Invisalign Outcome Simulator helps patients visualize how Invisalign treatment could improve the alignment of their teeth, which has been proven effective for treatment acceptance.

iTero TimeLapse technology helps patients see clinical changes over time to help them to stay engaged in the improvement of their oral health. This tool helps doctors keep an eye on treatment progress for more successful outcomes.

iTero Element Plus Series – Currently, the iTero Element Plus Series is the latest technology available through iTero. These models include all of the latest innovations from the iTero Element 5D, including the option for cart or mobile (laptop) configurations, as well as the premium tools like the NIRI technology for caries detection and the iTero TimeLapse technology for displaying scan changes over time.

The major innovation included with the iTero Element Plus Series is the Invisalign Outcome Simulator Pro, which improves the visualization and speed with which this tool can be used. With the Outcome Simulator Pro, simulations are powered by advanced algorithms, providing a realistic image of a patient’s potential future smile.

Where to Buy iTero Scanners

Renew Digital is an authorized dealer of the iTero CPO program and offers the iTero Element® Flex Foundation CPO Intraoral Scanner for only $9,995, which includes the 3D-optimized laptop as well as software, subscription, and warranty for a full year! This means your purchase won’t have any monthly fees, with basic Invisalign capability built in.

And, these certified pre-owned scanners are supported just as if they were new, with a dedicated team of service and support staff, giving the same performance as a new unit.

Contact Renew Digital at (888) 246-5611 or fill out an online form to get started.

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