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Create Powerful Moisturizing Skin Creams With Hydrolyzed Silk

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Moisturizers are a common staple of many beauty and personal care routines. These all-too-important products help to hydrate the skin and keep it smooth, soft, and healthy. Depending on the climate you live in, the kinds of environmental pollutants you have to deal with, and the diet you are on, it’s easy for skin to dry out, flake, or become irritated. Moisturizers help to combat these issues, but it’s important to recognize the value of using high-quality skincare products that will actually make a difference, rather than sticking with the same old mass-market varieties.

In that regard, you may want to consider making your own moisturizing creams using high-quality ingredients like hydrolyzed silk. This natural moisturizing agent can be added to shampoos, conditioners, and even lotions, in order to make the formulas more effective at keeping skin hydrated and healthy.

How Does Hydrolyzed Silk Keep Skin Moisturized?
The proteins in silk possess natural moisturizing properties. The same soft and silky texture that we associate with silk garments can be infused in personal care products such as creams and lotions with the help of hydrolyzed silk. This substance is created by isolating the proteins from silk threads from the actual fibers, and since it is water-soluble, it is actually quite easy to use in a variety of different formulas.

The moisture-binding power of this substance makes it an easy choice if you are trying to craft products that have superior hydrating and moisturizing capabilities. This substance will actually create a very fine protective film over the skin and hair, creating an attractive moisturizing sheen.

Think about the softness and strength of silk threads. Silk is one of the strongest natural fibers we know of, which is one of the reasons why silk is so prized. This same degree of strength and quality can essentially be transferred into your personal care products with the help of quality hydrolyzed silk.

Why Make Your Own Cremes?
Sometimes, if you want a personal care or beauty product that is actually effective, you have to take matters into your own hands. The quality of skin care products that are on the market can vary drastically, and while some are effective enough, you can never be quite sure what’s in a particular product. By crafting your own formulas right in your own home, you can control what you put on your skin and create creams and shampoos that include nothing but all-natural, high-quality, beneficial ingredients.

If this sounds like the route you want to take when it comes to your skincare regimen, you may want to take a look at They are without a doubt one of the best places online to find lotion-crafting ingredients and tools. In their online store, you will find high-quality moisturizing ingredients such as hydrolyzed silk protein, mango, and shea butter, powerful natural surfactants and emollients, soap bases, and more!

It’s easier than you think to craft your own skin and hair care products if you have the proper ingredients on hand and a bit of direction. At, not only will you find plenty of great ingredients to use, but also plenty of guides and recipes as well. Anything you might need in order to get started with creating your own powerful skin lotions and other products is all available on their online ingredients store.

Taking care of your skin properly means going out of your way to using the best quality ingredients and products. Start by shopping at and you will be able to take skincare into your own hands, literally!

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