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CVA Muzzleloader Accessories That Actually Make a Difference

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If it could possibly happen, you should carry a cure for it in your possibles bag. That’s the reason for the name, “possibles” bag.

And there is a lot that can happen when shooting a front stuffer. Take it from folks who know.

With that said, here are a few CVA muzzleloader accessories that actually make a difference, with a few honorable mentions (some of which are not made by CVA, but are made for CVA muzzleloaders nonetheless).

CVA Primer Pod Storage
You know how we all say “keep your powder dry”? Maybe we should include primers in that dictum.

Primers are mission-critical. Even if all the other components of your load sequence are in order, if you haven’t properly stored your primers, when you pull the trigger, all you’ll hear is a click.

And that is the most unwelcome sound when you drop the hammer.

So, get a CVA Primer Storage Pod. For only $10 at Anarchy Outdoors, you can pick one of these up. They can hold up to 12 209 or Variflame primers and will keep them protected in even the most adverse conditions.

CVA Universal Muzzleloader Speed Loaders
Many guides will tell you that the first action you should take after shooting a muzzleloader (aside from keeping your eye on the quarry) is to reload.

This guarantees you’ll be ready for a follow-up shot if you need it.

But, reloading is hard enough, and harder under duress. A CVA muzzleloader speed loader, which stores your bullet and powder pre-measured, in sequence, will make it easier and less stressful to seat a follow-up shot, especially with a pounding heart and shaking hands.

Definitely a CVA muzzleloader accessory worth adding to your possibles bag.

Not CVA, but Still Good: Honorable Mentions
Not all CVA muzzleloader accessories are made by Connecticut Valley Arms, but some are made by other manufacturers for CVA rifles.

These are some of the best of them.

For CVA Muzzleloaders: Accura/Paramount Scope Bases
Anarchy Outdoors makes muzzleloader scope bases for CVA muzzleloading rifles, specifically the Accura and Paramount.

These 20-MOA scope bases are made of durable materials and are optimized to facilitate long-range shots.

Most notably, they are easy to install and contain removable bubble levels, which can help you tell at a glance whether or not your rifle is on a cant.

For CVA Muzzleloaders: Muzzle Brakes
Anarchy Outdoors also makes muzzle brakes for select CVA muzzleloaders, the Paramount and the Accura.

Like their scope bases, these offer a lot of value as well. They diminish felt recoil substantially, and perhaps more importantly, help to disperse the muzzle plume, making target reacquisition a lot easier.

3-Piece Aluminum Ramrods
These are not specifically made for CVA muzzleloaders but they’re useful as a spare. Many muzzleloaders come with fiberglass or (worse) wood ramrods that are prone to splintering or outright breaking.

Having a spare in your possibles bag can save you from getting a ball or bullet half-driven home, ending your hunt early.

They break down and are made from high-strength aluminum. Definitely worth the investment.

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