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Defining Real Property Reports

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Land surveyors in Penticton are required to prepare a number of legal documents for completing any land development, land surveying, or construction project. Whether it is a residential, commercial or corporate project, one of the most important and useful documents is the Real Property Report (RPR) in Penticton.

Crucial details such as legal description of a property, municipal address, date of land title search, date of creation of the report, etc. are generally made a part of a well-prepared Real Property Report.

This blog aims to detail out what a Real Property Report is, what it all includes and who needs it.

What Is A Real Property Report
The Real Property Report refers to a document with an accurate drawing of the property with all its particularities. It contains details about all the property boundaries, buildings and structures on it.

This is a legal document prepared by an Alberta Land Surveyor.

Inclusions Under A Real Property Report
RPR is capable of informing the parties if there can be any issues with the property or adjacent properties. This is proof enough of the extent of the details it includes. The intensive field work, research work and computation of the process of land surveying gives detailed Real Property Reports. These reports serve as a basis for further decision-making tools.

Most typically, an RPR will contain the following –

● Date of land title search

● Date of creation of RPR

● Legal description

● Municipal address

● Certificate of Title

● Number and name of registered owners

● Location of all buildings and structures with exact dimensions, directions and distances from the property boundaries

● No visible encroachments

● Adjacent properties, roads, lanes, etc.

● Municipal compliances

● Any easements that may affect the property

● Certified Land Surveyor’s duly signed certification

Who Needs A Real Property Report
Sellers are often required by law to provide a detailed RPR to the buyers. The seller representation agreement necessitates them to provide an updated RPR to complete the transaction.

In addition, any buyer wanting to buy a particular property can benefit greatly from its current and updated Real Property Report. This is because the report will mention the inch by inch specifications of the property and its dimensions.

Other stakeholders, such as local government bodies, loan providers can also use RPRs to be sure of the compliances adhered to. While giving out mortgages, these banks and financial institutions rely on the duly-signed Real Property Reports in Penticton.

To make a well-informed and wise decision regarding a property, going through its RPR is a must. It gives the various involved parties a 360-degree view of the same.

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