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Different Kinds of Tin Snips Needed for A Sheet Metal Roofing Job

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Sheet metal roofing is a job that requires multiple tools to complete the job, or at least get it done correctly in a timely manner. These metal roofing tools range from metal benders, whether they be used in a shop or portable benders used at the job site, to smaller tools like tinner’s hammer. Today we’re going to talk about a tool that can fit right into your toolbox, but that is also a bit more complex than some may know, and that is tin snips

Tin Snips can be a sheet metal roofer’s best friend if he has the correct pair. There are so many different roofing tool brands and types of snips to choose from, that if it may be difficult to choose the right one for each particular job even for a roofing professional. One website that has a vast variety of snips for sale, is stortz.com. Let’s talk about each kind of snips that they have to offer.

Circular Snips
Circular Snips are a very popular kind of snips when it comes to sheet metal roofing. They are used for circular cuts thanks to the circular blade. They are especially handy for standing seam detail work when it comes to eave trimming. Stubai is the most popular brand of snips when it comes to roofing and they make excellent circular snips that can be found right on Stortz’s site.

Pelican Snips
Pelican snips are an excellent choice when it comes to making long, straight cuts. There are two major brands that are trusted when it comes to these snips: Stubai and Freund. Both of their pelican snips have a 3” blade depth. Freund’s are made from high alloy steel, but when it comes to their pelican snips, a right-handed person may find it difficult to see the cutting line without left-cut snips.

Offset Snips
Offset snips are great when it comes to straight cuts or angles. Klenk makes an amazing pair of snips that can handle angles and circles with ease. This makes it simple to cut round pipe. It can leave both ends completely clean. The handles are up and away from the metal of the snips making it easy to protect your hands. They can make a cut of 1 ⅜” even though the handles are 5” apart.

Other Important Roofing Tools
Safety should be your number one priority when using any metal roofing tool. Because of this, there are Sheet metal craftsman gloves available so that you don’t cut your hand. Snips may not seem as dangerous as a power tool or other bigger and sharper roofing tools, but when not in the hands of a roofing expert it is easy to chop a finger off if you’re not careful.

There are plenty of other options available like the Masc Nibbler and Combination Tin Snips but you can find out more about them on Stortz’s site. All the snips options you could ever dream of are available on one convenient site. Visit stortz.com for all of your sheet metal roofing tool needs.

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