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Different steps to building your new home

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Home building is not a frequent task we come across several times in our lives. For most people, it is an one time experience in life. If you have decided to build your new home, you cannot proceed with the project blindly. There are several things you need to work on from the start to completion of the new home construction Round Rock project. Here is an overview of the important steps involved in new home construction.

Preparing the site
After securing the permissions required, the first thing in a home construction project is to prepare the land. Clearing the rocks, debris and trees is part of this task. The site is leveled and readied for the project.

Foundation pouring
Home foundations are usually done on slabs, crawl spaces or basements. In most cases, this process consists of pouring concrete with steel rods. During this process, the concrete is sprayed with waterproofing substance. Before the building starts, usually the city inspectors will examine the foundation.

After installing the walls, windows, doors, floor and the roof systems, the home building contractor will install a protective shield called as house wrap in order to prevent the moisture from affecting the structure.

Plumbing and electrical works
After covering the house with house wrap, plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems will have to be installed. The inspector will have to approve the pipes, wiring, cooling and heating ducts. Wiring is usually done after fixing the plumbing and HVAC ducts.

This is an important step which will help controlling the temperature of the house and help minimize the heating and cooling costs. Some of the most popular insulation materials include foam, fiberglass, and cellulose.

After the drywall goes up, the home’s interiors will almost look complete. At this stage, the builder hangs the drywall and over all the raised surfaces like nails and seams using a spackling compound. To add interest to the walls, texture spray is added and a coat of primer follows.

Interior works
After the dry wall is put in place, the builder will focus on interior works like the mantle, fireplace, window sills and doors. Decorative trims are done. Finally now you will start seeing the paint color you have been dreaming to see on your interior walls.

Exterior finishing works
There is a big list of things to do under this topic including the driveways, patios and walkways. Things have really started taking shape about your home and the exterior grading when completed will ensure that your drainage system is perfect and the new yard has come along well.

Installing Fixtures
During this step, the builder installs the fixtures, faucets and switches. You will also find the sinks and toilets added.

You can choose to go for either hardwood flooring or carpet flooring. While selecting, you need to consider which one will suit your taste and budget. Your new home will come alive after this step.

Inspection and final walkthrough
Building code official will inspect the home and give you a certificate of occupancy. If there are any corrections to be done, the inspector will give the date for the second inspection before which the builder will have to set right the specified issues.

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