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Energy-Efficiency Tips for Your Alberta Luxury Home

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Modern luxury homes come with energy-efficient products that save not only your money but can also protect the planet. While perhaps they are a tad on the expensive side initially, they consume less energy and minimize environmental impact.

Luxury home builders Alberta can ensure your carbon footprint is lower with these latest technology tips:

Installing Charging Stations
Most of the time, power loss happens because of energy vampires, which are electronic devices that you leave on standby. Even when they are switched off, they can consume electricity if plugged in.

By installing charging stations, you can stop this unnecessary energy flow. When you connect your personal electronics, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-readers, and computers, the charging station automatically shuts off after the batteries of these devices are full.

Adding Energy-Saving Switches
Smart power outlets, switches, and lights turn on and off automatically after a time duration or when they detect no motion. You can dim the lights, change colours, or integrate them with intelligent home systems.

They also allow you to program personalized settings and control them through smart apps that save electricity. You can check the power usage readings, receive timely warnings about high consumption, and improve your home energy efficiency to save money in real-time.

Choosing Low-Flow Water Fixtures
The bathroom and kitchen are some of the areas where significant water wastage happens. Switching a standard showerhead with a low-flow variety can save up to 0.7 gallons or nearly 2 litres per minute.

When you calculate it for a 10-minute shower, you use 20 litres less than normal every time, making it 600 litres or more savings per month. Likewise, water-saving faucets with aerators let out only 1.8 litres per minute. Since there is a reduced flow, less water goes through the heater, and you can save on energy bills.

Opting for Intelligent Appliances
Massive electronic appliances like fridges consume a lot of power since they run all day. They also go through predetermined and often unnecessary settings like defrosting cycles. When you buy a smart fridge, it can sense if it is appropriate to run the cycle for a shorter duration, depending on the amount of food you store.

It can also manage the temperature better and ensure uniformity than conventional devices. Smaller appliances like a toaster, microwave, coffee maker, and stove contribute to dead loads, which is the unwanted energy consumption while plugged in. By using energy-efficient models, you can save money and power.

Switching to Smart Thermostats
You may always be using a programmable thermostat that allows you to pre-program your desired settings for the house. Smart thermostats are similar to these, but they come with additional features that you can use to create a zoned system.

For instance, you can have different temperature levels for various rooms than have a single setting. You can connect them to smartphones or laptops using a Wi-Fi connection and use them even when you are away on holiday. They also have sensors that can detect movement in the home and control indoor air temperature.

Luxury homes are not just about appearance and opulence. You can use modern technology to improve comfort, too. Speak to your luxury home builders Alberta today!

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