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Engagement Photography Basics You Must Know

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Engagement photographs are not just fun shots. They mark the first milestone in the journey of your wedding. Engagement photography sessions can be a sort of wedding day dry run and are low stress photo session. Molly King, a reputed photographer says, “First and foremost, it’s a fun time of your life to capture photos—you just got engaged, after all. It also helps you establish a relationship with your photographer so you’re comfortable with them, and vice versa. They can learn more about you before the big day.” While you may be naturally excited about your engagement photographs, here are the basics of engagement photography you must know before you get ready for the actual experience.

On choosing the best South Asian engagement photographer
A successful engagement photography experience starts with choosing the right South Asian engagement photographer. This must take note of two things namely their photo editing style and their personality. Before anything, it is important to brainstorm and decide the photo style that appeals to you the most about your engagement. King says, “While all photographers do a mix of portrait, candid, and formal poses, their unique editing style remains consistent—it’s their brand.”

While some photographers focus on contrast filled images, others prefer airy and light styles of ethereal nature. If you face any troubles in choosing the right style of photography for your engagement, you can explore some Instagram images to check your own preferences and tastes and consider which style would be the best ones to adorn the walls of your home.

On the importance of focusing on the personality of the photographer, King advises, “Though you’re not contracting the photographer to make friend with him, remember you have to spend the most part of your big day with this person and it is important that their company is enjoyable. It’s important that your personalities mesh.” To this end, King suggests checking pout the photographer’s Instagram and About Pages. It is also important to meet them in advance before finalizing their contract.

The right time for engagement photographs
After hiring your engagement photographer, it is time to schedule your photo shoot for the engagement. If you have plans to use these pictures for save-the-dates, it is necessary that you book a session around 10 months before the event. This will give enough time for the photographer to edit the images and will give you a good amount of time to design the invitations. While confronting a longer engagement or if you do not have plans to make use of the photos for save-the-dates, you can enjoy more flexibility.

Finalize the shooting spots for the photography
To select the best engagement photo spot, you must either opt for a meaningful location or depend on the expertise of the photographer. If you have a special spot in mind like the first date location or your favorite restaurant or a local park, it is advisable that you run them in advance by the photographer you hire. It will help them scope it and get some good ideas. They can also figure out if special permissions are needed for photographing. King says, “I’m always driving around and scouting out new or lesser-known photography spots, so I’m excited when a couple asks for my opinion. I often have new spots in mind, and I’m just waiting for an adventurous couple to try them with.”

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