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Enjoy Summer with the Oliva Serie G

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A cigar is an ideal way to mark most major milestones in one’s life. Cigars are a fantastic addition to every celebration, from prom to a bachelor party, an anniversary to a promotion, or even just as a way to enjoy a relaxing summer day.

With July 4th and other summer holidays coming soon, there are going to be plenty of reasons to celebrate. Many of our fellow countrymen plan to parade through the streets with banners, balloons, and music to mark this joyous occasion. But many would rather smoke a premium cigar while reflecting on the importance of the said day.

Smoking Cigars in Honor of a Special Occasion
Many of our most memorable experiences go hand in hand with a cigar being lit. It doesn’t matter whether the cigars being smoked are Cuban, Nicaraguan, Dominican, handmade or machine-made; what matters is that they are being enjoyed with joy in honor of a special event.

Choosing the ideal cigar to commemorate a momentous occasion may be a daunting undertaking. For this reason, it’s recommended that you check with your neighborhood tobacco shop. Put your faith in the advice of professionals and seek their input. If you’re going to purchase many boxes at once, it’s probably a good idea to sample one beforehand.

It’s always fun to treat your friends to a few cigars you picked up at the tobacco shop or, if you have ordered online, great cigars that you found at a much lower price. If you’re hosting a get-together, it’s important to choose a cigar that everyone can appreciate. If you’re smoking with a group of beginners, it’s probably best to choose a cigar that most people will like.

Oliva Serie G
To this day, Oliva Serie G cigars remain one of the few cigars made by a producer that, although receiving the amazing ratings, are produced at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality. Although the Oliva Serie G isn’t the absolute top shelf, it’s a perfect cigar for a special occasion this summer.

If you want to enjoy the start of the day’s pleasant weather while sitting back with a good cigar, but you don’t want to spend more than you have to, the Serie G is a great option. These cigars have a wonderful flavor that is perfect for summer.

Light up an Oliva Serie G, and you’ll taste the wheat bread and almond on the cold draw, along with some black pepper and a touch of sweetness. Perfect for celebrating the anniversary of independence, the Oliva Serie G has a medium body and is wrapped in a genuine African Cameroon wrapper with hints of cedar and coffee.

The inherent richness of the Nicaraguan Habano fillers pairs well with the distinctive characteristics of the wrapper to produce a cigar that is toasty, sweet, creamy, and somewhat spicy. Prestige Cigar is the place to go if you’re searching for a special cigar for any of your summer celebrations without breaking the budget.

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